Leigh’s S12 Trailer 1 Breakdown

I have watched the first trailer for S12 and I wasn’t disappointed with what we got.

Jodie Whittaker is the FOURTH Doctor in a row to wear a tux and we see several glimpses which think is the star of the trailer. She will wear in the first wo episodes which will be linked together like it was in World Enough And Time to The Ghost Monument but this is ONLY TWO episodes but I will do a special on that in a few weeks time.

My favourite quote of the trailer is, “The Name’s Doctor, The Doctor!” I love it as it’s quite James Bond related and there is a film coming out as well.

The Doctor looks more scared as we see in a few scenes like where she is on her own and panicky when she finds out she is in Paris 1943 as she knows she is not safe and in danger.

A formal dressed Doctor frightened in Paris

I am happy with the Mandip Gill content we were deprived in S11. We see her shed a tear and running from a scorpion in period costume and in multiple dangerous scenarios.

Tosin Cole will once again be screaming, this time, in the Car. Also speaking of Ryan’s family, could Aaron be back and his grandad Graham gets a lot to do so Bradley Walsh will be entreating us like he did last time and probable will not be the last of his complaint which is comedy gold.

I feel they will keep the family vibe which worked well in S11 as the Doctor’s friend will be concerned and I heard Graham say family so they are like a family (PONDS?)

Finally, a few fast facts

– The newly designed Cybermen

– Anjili Mohindra as Queen Skithra and looks creepy

– Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry make quick appearances.

– Birds that attack