Why I love Nardole – 56th Anniversary Special

For the 56th Anniversary, I want to talk about a character that deserves a lot of love an that is Nardole played by Matt Lucas. From guest cast to series regular, here is why I love this character.

Jazz hands

His relationship with 12

A great double act that makes laugh lot, especially in the Return of Doctor Mysterio. Especially the following line “Look at you, avoiding the subject,” as he knows 12 needs to talk about his wife.


I loved his stories and always end up. Making me laugh, especially the ones in Lie of the Land like the Terovian Neck Pinch, different to 13’s version of the Venusian Akido.

Terovian Neck Pinch

I have already mentioned but I wan to AGAIN, it’s iconic and can knock the victim out easily. His successful use was on Alan in the Monk’s Control Pyramid after Alan’s protection is cut off and is vulnerable to the Mon’s influence. Always rely on Nardole but it will ends up in a History lesson.


Nardole makes me laugh a lot and he is a entertaining one. My favourite has to be his oooooohs as its quite good.

Here is a video of Nardole’s funniest moments:


Nardole is a technology expert as he helps control he lock mechanisms in the vault and used his skills to help fight the Cybermen which ends up being successful and instrumentals to the major attack which is thwarted by the Doctor who  is mortally wounded AGAIN but is successful thanks to Nardole.

Thanks Matt Lucas and happy 56th Birthday Doctor Who