Music with Leigh – My Top 5 favourite Segun Akinola tracks (With The Trusty Associate)

Me and my trusty associate who has just started DW right this series love the music of the current show runner.

5. Tsungara

I love it, its scary but definitely like hopeful.

4. Together and Alone

I love this piece and you mix up different cultures. Trusty Associate loves the bit in the scene in Peru with Gabriela and Jamila.

3. Doctor, The Doctor

Bond themes! I do love a pastiche and this a good pastiche. The Bond Motif is such a powerful moment and shared at the right time.

2. Opening/Closing Credits (S11/12)

Me and Trusty love this. I love all the themes and the classic ones too, Trusty is only I used thus one so he can be defensive. I loved the added drums, I didn’t notice till later.

1. Thirteen

It’s Anthemic and I do love the music as it shows that the Thirteenth Doctor hows us ho[e and happiness and they have later adapted as she develops though the series. Trusty Associate also agrees as well.

The Trusty Associates Favourite Track – The Lie

”It’s a grower and as my colleague hear described, it share a sombr version of Thirteen’s theme. It’s a powerful scene and no wonder it’s one part of one our favourite scenes of all time

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