Leigh Talks: Thasmin (PRIDE MONTH 2020)

I will be talking about Thasmin. This ship at the moment is kind of fanmade but is it happening for real. Stay tuned as I discuss it.

I will start by discussing their chemistry in both series….

Series 11

They first clash as the Docotr is interfering in her investigation and I can see she wants to make a huge impression ti be promoted but throughout the series, we see a progress of trust grow, especially from the start to the end fo The Ghost monument as the experience changes her  and by the time she gets home. Yaz invites the Doctor and friends for tea and we see Yaz give som INTERESTING looks and Naija kind fi asks if she & 13 are together which starts the Thasmin fandom in real life.  At the END when them TARDIS is formed,  she says tot he Doctor,  I want more. More of the universe. More time with you. You’re like the best person I ever met.” I can see it being either Yaz seeing as a friend or a love interest. My other example is in The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos, she says, “I am with you whatever happens,” which means she doesn’t want leave 13 on her own.

Series 12

We see a bit of distance relationship this time as 13 is suffering from a bad time. Yaz reveals in The Haunting of Villa Diodati that “my person is a lattice difference” when talking to Claire Clairmont about Byron which teh BBC has confirmed on the official script. In The Timeless Children, we see Yaz determined to rescue the Docotr and is one fo the first to walk through the portal and find the Docotr. She later refused to let the Doctor die and after a painful exchange, she let’s her face the Master. When she returns home, she asks “What happened to her now.” I don’t think she is done.

So What Do I Think About Thasmin, Well…

I have grown on this shipping HOWEVER I see them more as friends than as a couple at this stage. This reminds me of Whouffaldi which wasn’t canon. Thasmin has the advantage of a script saying Yaz is referring to the Doctor. Here is my issue, I am worried of  10/Martha situation and that didn’t do well and brought S3 to Last Place and humiliated Martha’s only series such is a crime. This is why I feel the Thasmin situation could be in same issue but it’s not over so let’s hope they don’t make the same mistake.

THEY SHOULD TAKE THE RISK! WHY? People might have the same issue but the show caters to diversity. The LGBTQ community has more of a huge response to this ship and that’s great thing but regardless if this happens or not, they can still ship it.

I love the idea and the friendship between Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill and would like to see it onscreen. Don’t be shy, TAKE A RISK1

What do you think about Thasmin?


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