Leigh’s Rankings: Top 8 Floor Routines In Women’s Artistic Gymnastics – February’s Non Who Features

I love Gymnastics and I thought I would share my Top 8 favourite Floor Routines.

Here is a quick guide. A floor routine must last between 1:20 and 1:30 before penalties are awarded. The gymnasts can choose the music and choreograph a routine with 3 or 4 tumbling passes, dance elements, spins and leaps.

Also, they can include:

  • Connection of two dance elements (one must be a 180 degree split)
  • Saltos forward/sideways and backward
  • Double saltos
  • Saltos with a minimum of one full twist

Here are my Top 5 Floor Routines

Marine Boyer (FRA) 2018/2019

Marine has a amazing routine here and the music compliments the routine. Here is her Silver Medal Winning routine from the Paris World Cup.

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos (FRA) 2019/2020

I love Melanie’s floor routines but her new one is amazing. Melanie channeling her inner Beyoncé and she is amazing. Here is Melanie gaining her highest score Internationally in the Worlds Team Final in 2019.

Claudia Fragapane (GBR) 2017/2018

This routines is based on Claudia’s Strictly experience in 2016 when she finished Fourth and was my favourite of the year. Claudia’s danc elements are based on ballroom and Latin pieces she performed on the show and this is why this a special floor piece. This is Claudia’s routine from when she won Bronze at the Worlds Floor Final in 2017.

Eythora Thordottir (NED) 2016/2017

I love Eythora on floor, she is a entertainer and has some amazing floor routines but this one is a routine that moves me and I love the whole package and Eythora’s facial expressions match the routine.

Axelle Klinckaert (BEL) 2018

Axelle’s Harry Potter Routine was a highlight in march 2018 as the Media gave it positive acclaim but I would say its memorable fro winning a bronze at the Glasgow European Championships the same year contributing to Belgium’s amazing performance. I am a Potter fan and a Gryffindor and this get a thumbs up from me.


Annie Young (GBR) 2018/2019

Regardless Of Difficultly, Annie makes me smile and entertains the crowd with this fun routine.

Nina Derwael (BEL) 2016/2017

This was at the time where Nina first made me realise he was one to watch and I love this routine. OPERA!

Taeja James (GBR) 2014/2015/2016

Taeja’s floor in her earlier years is amazing and she has matured so much in recent years but I just love Taeja here and I recommend watching her as she is amazing.

Honourable mentions to Ondine Achampong, Lorette Charpy, Anastasiia Bachynska and Flavia Saraiva.

That’s my Top 8 Floor routines, what is your favourite floor routines? Comment down on my social media accounts!