Cybermen are scary again – Ascension of the Cybermen Review

“What a Entrance!”

What can I say, I was intrigued and I still am after broadcast because we have one episode left. It had me engaged from start. To finish and I do love episodes that do that and this is the strength S12 has.

MY GIRL SNAPPED! I love she snapped at her companions. I don’t know why Ryan fully gets it but maybe by the time it gets to him when others have gone before her, maybe that’s why it’s directed him.. I think this a good thing and this is best snap we have had as she regrets having her friends involved as we see with Graham and Yaz in danger from Cybermen at the end. She knows her friends are targets and she doesn’t want a Bill situation happening as the last time also ended in her previous self regenerating into her.

I think Jodie Whittaker can really act as I love her here and her Doctor means business and determined to fix her problem she created despite being warned not to to save history. I feel next episode is going to test her and I want to see Jodie break down, show wat can she can do. This could be a very good moment as we have already seen her do that in Spyfall Part 2 so i know she is capable and of previous roles like Broadchurch, it could be a treat.

The companions do very well, Ryan is overshadowed by everyone else but we see him split from group when they try to escape then he is paired with the Doctor but despite that, I think he is very good and I think he will be better in the next episode. Graham and Yaz finally use their time together to shine and they are so adorable together and they are often in sync and at one point Graham says Doc… does kind of hint speculation but is he “THE DOCTOR” or he is just Graham after being mistaken for being the Doctor.

I loved Julie Graham’s Ravio, very fearless action hero and she has this grit that her fellow survivors don’t have and that what makes her a special character. I am intrigued to see what she gets next because this probably another great casting decision.


Or is it?


I feel the Cybermen were at their deadliest yet, The Doctor Falls did them justice but they were sidelined in World Enough and Time. I appreciate what Steven Moffat did with risks & I love his era. BACK TO CHRIS LEIGH! COME ON COMEDIAN! Sorry about that but had to address that. I love the different kinds of Cybermen as The Doctor Falls did the same but Chris managed to bring a new Cyber design and I wanted a new cyber designs from the moment they were rumoured. It’s not entirely new but I think the mix works with spikes as the new addition. I also love the addition of scouting Cyberman heads and the cold open with the lone cybermen which i had a few guesses but it took me 3 attempts to guess it correctly. This is Chris’ strength as he did well with the Silurian and Daleks. I am interested for what they do with Graham and Yaz from promotional photos and they weren’t in the next time trailer.


I think Brendan is part of this Gallifrey plot but could he be the Timeless Child as they would have included Brendan’s backstory if it wasn’t relevant. But the little girl is also a candidates to be the Timeless Child as well so I can see a huge twist occurring.

Galligrey and the Master. May be brief but i loved and the trailer sounds promising and what to the Cybermen want with Gallifrey but we know Daleks attacked the Docotr’s home planet before but with no time lords, could the Cybermen claim it for themselves? I am interesting to see what Sacha Dhawan can do as I love his Master and he is up to no good and I know that.

Leigh’s Question:

What does the Master mean by ‘Everything Will Change’?

I know it’s do with the timeless child and Gallifrey so I know it’s something to do with that.

Loved the episode, probably the best cliffhanger in a while. Please deliver something special in The Timeless Children!

Score: 10/10