Leigh’s Rankings (MAY 2020 Edition) – Favourite Historical Figures

For my next Top 5, we have to delve into our past as I choose the 5 historical figures that I love the most.

Top 5 Historical Figures

5. Charles Dickens – Simon Callow

I loved his dismissals but he came back to help save the  days after running away after working out the creatures were gaseous.

4. Noor Inyat Khan – Aurora Marion

A legend and was very successful in helping slow down the master by so the Doctor could get her TARDIS back.

3. Lord Byron – Jacob Collins Levy

Hilarious character. I loved his attempts to flirt with the Doctor. I love his poetry especially the one at the end.

2. Nikola Tesla – Goran Vesijnic

Me and Nikola are kind of similar and I feel he is a hero at the end. He and the Docotr were so in touch with each other’s views.

1. Ada Lovelace – Sylvie Briggs

I find her adorable and smitten with Doctor’s world. She is able to take down the Master taking notice of one the nearby in invention at the Science Fair. It’s sad when she loses her memory but I love her as a character.

That’s my top 5 favourite historical characters. Whose your favourite historical characters? Comment down below or on my twitter account @MattPeterJodie1.