Leigh’s Rankings (MAY 2020 Edition) – Top 5 Favourite Companions

Here are my Top 5 favourite companions. Here they are

My Top 5 Companions

5. Barbara Wright – Jacqueline Hill

I love Barbara. She stood up to the Doctor when he nearly rather her and Ian of the TARDIS but she cares for others which we see her do a lot.

4. Ryan Sinclair – Tosin Cole

Me and Ryan are relatable as we are both are Dyspraxic and he is an adorable boy.

3. Graham O Brien – Bradley Walsh

A funny guy who has suffered a a lot and well known for call Doctor, Doc.

2. Yasmin Khan – Mandip Gill

The girl who has sneaked into my Top 5 with a kindness and determination

1. Clara Oswald – Jenna Coleman

The girl who saved the Docotr multiple occasion. I relate to Clara a lot and she is a hero.

These are my favourite companions. Who are your favourite companions. Comment down below or on my twitter account @MattPeterJodie1!