Who is my Eurovision 2020 Winner (May’s Non Who Feature)

I am a huge Eurovision fans and because of the whole epidemic thing, it’s been cancelled so I though as other are doing, I would do my own little contest. I will choose 10 qualify form the two semi finals then choose my winner so let’s OPEN UP

Semi Final 1 (12th May)

Country[65] Artist[65] Song[65] Language(s)[65]
First half
 Australia Montaigne Don’t Break Me English
 Belarus VAL Da vidna(Да відна) Belarusian
 Ireland Lesley Roy Story of My Life English
 Lithuania The Roop On Fire English
 North Macedonia Vasil You English
 Russia Little Big Uno English, Spanish
 Slovenia Ana Soklič Voda Slovene
 Sweden The Mamas Move English
Second half
 Azerbaijan Efendi Cleopatra English[a]
 Belgium Hooverphonic Release Me English
 Croatia Damir Kedžo Divlji vjetre Croatian
 Cyprus Sandro Running English
 Israel Eden Alene Feker libi(ፍቅር ልቤ) English, Amharic, Hebrew, Arabic
 Malta Destiny All of My Love English
 Norway Ulrikke Attention English
 Romania Roxen Alcohol You English
 Ukraine Go_A Solovey(Соловей) Ukrainian


Who would I choose to Qualify

Malta – Destiny

A grower and definitely  one o Malta’s bets entires. I know Destiny from Junior Eurovision and was. A surprise winner for me. Definitely a good song.

Lithuania – The Roop

Entertaining and quirky and old have done well with both juries and the televising. It’s just something different I love the song.

Israel – Eden Alene

Eden is a great singer and is celebrating her roots with this song and this probably would have been performed better at Eurovision as she had to create 4 routines for one show so this would have been better.

Romania – Roxen

Roxen’s Song was definitely a favourite to win this completion and I just love the tale and she does have issues on er pronunciation but it’s still a good song.

Russia – Little Big

Uno jus a fun song with memorable dance moves that would appeal to the televoters and I actually think this song would have done well. It mixes serious with comedy.

Sweden – The Mamas

Definatley agood gospel song and three amazing voices. I think the tlevoti might give them more love tha. The last two hears as they weren’t’ going to hange their Melodifdstvalen changing.

Azerbajan – Efdeni

I love a song that can be anthems for women everywhere and this is a song that had final quality.

Australia – Montaigne

I wasn’t a fan at first but this song kind f gigs on me and appeals to me on many occasions. I wasn’t a fan of stage at AUSTRALIA DECIDS but Montaigne has a amazing voice.

Norway – Ulrikke

Attention isn’t my favourite but I respect the song and Ulrikke has a great voice. I think this would have qualified.

Cyprus – Sandro

I think at the contest, he would would have slated with his staging. People have p;aced it out. This would have been a borderline qualifier in the actual contest but I love it enough to be my last qualifiers

Acts Out

Croatia – Damir Kedžo

This is borderline as well but I think for me, it just misses out but I respect it and sad we won’t see his ideas ons atbe as the looked intriguing.

Ireland – Lesley Roy

Another borderline qualifier because this would be ave fighting for one of the last spots but I knew Ireland will struggle with the televoting as they did last year so that’s why I don’t think it could qualify for me.

Belgium – Hoooverphonic

Just like Sennek, a James Bond themed anthem butI have a feeling it would have struggled to qualify.

Macedonia – Vasil

Love Vasil’s song but i think it would have struggled to qualify.

Belarus – VAL

Uptempo, I love they were taking a risk but i think there is something about the staging  that would have probably would not have helped it stand a chance to qualify

Slovenia – Ana Solkic

Ana has a great voice and Voda is a beautiful song but I don’t think her staging would have given her a good impact.

Ukraine – Go-A

I think this is a divisive aong and its taking a risk going back to this roots but I am just not feeling the song but I respect it.

Semi Final 2 (14th May)

Country[66] Artist[66] Song[66] Language(s)[66]
First half
 Austria Vincent Bueno Alive English
 Czech Republic Benny Cristo Kemama English
 Estonia Uku Suviste What Love Is English
 Greece Stefania Supergirl English
 Iceland Daði og Gagnamagnið Think About Things English
 Moldova Natalia Gordienko Prison English
 Poland Alicja Empires English
 San Marino Senhit Freaky! English
 Serbia Hurricane Hasta la vista Serbian[b]
Second half
 Albania Arilena Ara Fall from the Sky English
 Armenia Athena Manoukian Chains on You English
 Bulgaria Victoria Tears Getting Sober English
 Denmark Ben & Tan Yes English
 Finland Aksel Looking Back English
 Georgia Tornike Kipiani Take Me as I Am English[c]
 Latvia Samanta Tīna Still Breathing English
 Portugal Elisa Medo de sentir Portuguese
  Switzerland Gjon’s Tears Répondez-moi French


Who would I choose to Qualify

Bulgaria – VICTORIA

Bulgaira return with a song that relates to me and it’s just a beautiful song.

Austria – Vincent Bueno

Love Vincent, love the song. Definitely one of my favourite Austria entries

Greece- Stefania

I love this song and Stefania. I think this might have struggled in the actual contest cause it’s been compared as a Junior Eurovision entry.

Iceland – Daði og Gagnamagnið

Quirky, definitely a favourite to win the contest, its to my favourite but it would have definitely competed to get Iceland’s best result

Switzerland- Gjon’s Tears

Not my favourite but I still respect and get the hype but this waa a fiakit.

Denmark – Ben and Tan

Ben and Tan are enjoyable, I would love to have seen Tan do more of a solo but it’s still a good song for Denmark.

Armenia – Athena Manoukian

I love Athena’s sassiness in the song, it works well.

Serbia – Hurricane

I love this song but I still prefer the original version over the revamped version.

Poland – Alicja

Modern message and works well as a song.

Latvia – Samantha Tina

Its experimental and showing women in  a different way. I think the vocals would have improved from Supernova


Acts Out

San Marino – Serhat

I love this song and it celebrates diversity but it’s just misses out in my Top 10. I personal have a feeling it might have missed out.

Estonia – Uku Suukviste

I love the song but i think it probably wouldn’t have done enough to go through in the actual contest.

Finaland – Aksel

Lovely voice BUT I don’t think it would have completed for a spot in the finale.

Portugal – Elisa

Elisa has a great song ut I don’t honk it’s strong enough for a place in the finale

Albania – Arilena Ara

I prefer Shaj but I do like the song but it could struggle in the cmeption.

Moldova – Natalia Gordinenko

I love the power but it’s a tough semifinal for me but i think there are more song I prefer but could have a chance in the real completion.

Georgia- Tornike Kiphani

I respect Tornike’s style but it’s not my kind of music I would put through to thrfinale but I think he could have a had a chance in the actual contest.

Czech Republic – Benny Cristo

It’s ok but wit all the revamps, I do’t know if it would struggle to qualify.


Final (16th May)


 Netherlands – Jeangu Macrooy – Grow“- English

I love Jeangu’s vocal and find it a great song. He would have performed 23rd in the finale

 France – Tom Leeb – Mon alliée (The Best in Me)” – French, English

It’s ok but I think it could have been better.

 Germany – Ben Dolic – Violent Thing” – English

Great voice and a good pop song.

  Italy – Diodato – Fai rumore” – Italian

Another good entry, not my favourite it cup of tea but I think it could have done well in the contest.

 Spain – Blas Cantó – “Universo” – Spanish

It’s ok but I am not a big fan of it.

Th United Kingdom – James Newman – My Last Breath” – English

My native country has a good song. It’s not my cup of tea but it certainly would not be last after the effort they’ve put into it;

My final results are:

1. Malta

2. Lithuania

3. Bulgaria

4. Israel

5. Romania

6. Austria

7. Russia

8. Iceland

9. Sweden

10. Greece

11. Netherlands

12. Germany

13. Denmark

14. Armenia

15. Poland

16. Serbia

17. Switzerland

18. Cyprus

19. United Kingdom

20. Italy

21. Latvia

22. Australia

23. Norway

24. Azerbaijan

25. France

26. Spain

Who is your winner of Eurovision? Comment down below or on my twitter account @MattPeterJodie1!