The Eleventh Doctor’s Official Costume Guide

This is the series where I DISCUSS the outfits the Doctor has worn over their many lives. Today, I will be talking about the many outfits that were worn by Matt Smith who was our the Eleventh Doctor 

Eleven’s outfit was mainly tweed jacket wth bow ties.

This is his Original Outfit


– Donegal Tweed Jacket

– Burungdy and bow tie

– Burungdy style dress shirt.

– Black trousers

– Black boots


– Bow Ties

Blue & Burgundy (Various Styles), Wheat, Chevron Squares, Polka Dots, Flowers and Thistles

– Shirts

Blue/burgundy  shirt, Blue/Burungdy striped shirt, Grey squared shirt, blue shirt, white/grey striped shirt

– Coats/Blazers,

Harris Tweed Jacket, Tweed jakcets, tweed coat, green jacket

– Tailcoat with White bow tie and Top Hat

– White Tuxedo with Black bow tie

– Victorian Suit with Ascot Tie/purple bow tie



One offs

– Green cowboy jacket

– Monks clothing

– Victorian Brown Squared Jacket and Waistcoat with Brown Bowler Hat.