Why I love Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler played by Billie Piper is my least favourite companion but there are still bits that I love about her.

Befriending the Metaltron (DALEK)

I love Rose’s attempt to befriend the Dalek and when she makes a mistake by touching it, she later learns that after its failed attempt to kill her, she managed to work out why it’s questioning itself and stands up to the Doctor successfully and stops him from shooting. I like the fact shows the Doctor on his own wouldn’t be a good idea and we as viewers will know that in future stories so it’s a valuable lesson to learn. A good example would be the Runaway Bride when Donna stops the Doctor going too far and in a parallel world where the Doctor dies after not stopping and escaping. STOP THE LESSONS LEIGH RIGHT NOW! Back to Rose but this is a good example why Rose was needed.

Taking the lead in dangerous situation

I love the way Rose takes the lead in The Satan Pit when the Ood are on killing rampage and I love this two parter. She suggests that Zach switches back on the power and gives the crew stuff to do and this is why she is so useful in a situation without the Doctor but always has him in her  mind.


Rose has persevered a lot but here are my 3 picks where she has persevered successfully.

1. Confronts the Sycorax without the TARDIS telepathic circuits just enough as the Doctor recovers from regeneration by the use of tea.

2. Saves Chloe Webber and the missing children from the Isolus successful despite being restricted on access and given up after the Doctor vanishing.

3. She made it back to her universe after various attempts before using the Dimension Cannon successfully.

Kind to the dying Doctor

I love this cameo as she is nice to the Tenth Doctor Who decides to pay her visit in 2005 score she meets him in his precious incarnation and asks him questions and kindly answers his questions. I like the way she says “See ya,” at the end as she is kind of frightened but I understand how she feels.

I hope you enjoyed my picks on why I love Rose Tyler. Good job Billie!