Who Are You Doctor – Spyfall Part 2 Review

Spyfall had made it into my top 3 episodes as it’s all thanks to one actress, Jodie Whittaker slaying it as usual but I will explain more in a bit.

I will start with Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole. The companions were on the run which I loved as it made them more vulnerable. I loved Yaz making mistakes by phoning her family or revealing the plan as it made her more scared in a situation. Ryan being a hero on the plane by flying the plane to safely to the ground. Graham being curious about the Doctor payed off as he got his answers to which i will explain in a BIT. I WON’T FORGET!

BARTON’S MUM!! I had a feeling she was good but I didn’t expect her to be killed. It was so CRUEL but I liked the divide but that was so horrible.

BACK TO BARTON THEN! Great villain who wanted a future where the Kassavin take over the world. I was ranting on how cruel he was but trying to to frame the others was so cruel but effective  to the plot and the companions shine. He does run a way but I have a feeling like Robertson, he could be back as he run off, wanting revenge.

Sacha Dhawan did what he needed to do and showed how a good villain should be done. Passionate and that is what I want the Master to be, playful but different to his predecessor but still how the Master is designed to be.

The SS thing with the Doctor turning the Master in caused a but of controversy but it was to stop the Master from following her for a while but I don’t have a problem with it but I can understand why people are picking it out but there could have been similar stuff in real life. The Doctor obviously had a plan but she did it cause of what he had done and he ended up being in trouble cause he disguise some himself with the wrong people.

Jodie brought her best performance, especially with the Master and finally focused on her and her past. I love the last 10 minutes showed 13 in a light and I think its great to see 13 in a new light.

Auror Marion and Sylvia Briggs played Historic heroes Noor Inyat Khan and Ada Lovelace and were the Doctor’s assistants in this. Both were great characters and I thought they were wet talented individuals.

I love the plot and I enjoyed the historical stuff which I often would complain about but it worked this time and the present day plot worked well, it’s confusing  but I don’t mind that. The last few scenes are sad and emotional and dramatic as well.

Leigh’s Question

Whois The Timeless Child? I am excited to find out. I think it’s either the Doctor or the Mater or it could be someone else.

Viewers Reviews


Omg I love this Episode 

Jodie is the best Doctor and I love it how she save Yaz and her family including humanity from the Master plan. This is one of my favourite Jodie Whittaker era and omg Timeless Child is mentioned. Yaz is Awesome Graham is funny and Ryan is funny 10/10


I was edging unto my seat & my nerves were chilling yet again with a twist of humor & a lot of roller coaster of emotions. Another amazing episode indeed!


It led me down one road in the first episode thinking that it was the come back of the cyber men then in the second episode changed all that kept me on the edge of my seat.. excellent acting. Lenny was great and Jodi and Bradly are a great match along with the family.

I love this episode and it will remain a favourite for years to come

Score: 10/10