You Forget How Strong You Are – Orphan 55 Review

Ed Hime returns with a stand-alone with a controversial topic. The episode has a message, Can we save our World?

I love the whole Tranquility Spa and Ryan is the first one to get into danger which i think it’s interesting and the Doctor is able to cure him with a funny way. I like it.

The plot and monster work for me, I was more engaged this week because there wasn’t much to work out. It’s definitely scarier than the Mummy and the Silence.

I WILL NOT STOP PRAISING JODIE WHITTAKER! I loved her snapping, reminded me of my other favourite 12 when he would snap. She brought her A Game and I think the whole Gallifrey Story Arc will test her.

The companions this week were ok but not spectacular and I think it’s because I feel they are abandoning the Doctor a bit. I had that problem with Clara in S8 in Kill The Moon but it was easily fixed in Mummy on the Orient Express. I know I am being harsh but I love all 3 and want what’s best for them as its coming from a person snob loves and cares about these characters.

Yaz didn’t do much and her attitude wasn’t that good but I can see why but she cared for others and has a new skill, she can lift people to safety as we saw her lift Kane to the underground tunnels. Graham was the same but he was more comic at the times. Ryan was the best of them all as we saw flaws and he experience love for the first time and had to leave her behind but it was her own choice. It was hard for him but I think it was nice to see him experience downs more because he is has a lot to learn and hopefully we see a more upbeat Ryan.

The guest characters had different sides which I loved. Silas ended up being a hero after being left out by his father, Nevi who ended up seeing he needed him. Kane and Bella subplot worked and I can understand they both clashed but Kane redeemed herself and so did Bella and at the end, they thought the villains and even though they got left behind but it might have been to the teleported wasn’t working properly & I don’t know if it would have worked to take them to different places. Velma and Benni were cute and the proposal was cute. Yes,  Velma felt a bit needy to Benny and yes she joined her husband in the end BUT she died to help Yaz and the other so she also cared which kind of applies to two companions of the Russel T Davies era but that had a negative aspect but still a reasonable thing but it worked here.

I was touched with the whole Earth/Climate Change subplot, all the protests and stuff kind of got me angry but I respect more from a TV character explaining and she has a point. Episodes like this for me about real life either entertain or I rant about it, this actually moves me more but I do get tired it’s all the negativeness but Ed did a good job. IT’S NOT PREACHY! IT’S NOT POLITICAL!

Leigh’s Question

How long will Team TARDIS will treat the Doctor without leaving her behind?

It just feels sad as I love this team but I know it won’t stay lik this so I hope its fixed soon.

A good episode but it din’t WPS me as much as Spyfall but with a touching message and a mad Doctor helps it along.

Score: 9/10