Why I love Peri Brown – Nicola Bryant Birthday Special

Why I love now celebrates another companions birthday and this time it’s Nicola Bryant’s turn and she plays Peri Brown in the 1980’s and travelled with the 5th and 6th Doctors. Here is why I love Peri Brown!

Change of accent

Nicola played Peri with American accent even thigh she is from Surrey in real life. Peri is the first American companion in Doctor Who. I love the fact they change it around and I could not think of a nicer character to be from a different background and. that is what makes her special and the accent stands out.

Puts up with the Doctor’s arrogance

I have to give her credit to put up with the Sixth Doctor and his bad behaviour and that is what makes her amazing. I would check out the Two Doctors as an example as she tells him to see a Doctor after he collapses after his second incarnation is attached and after finding out about Dastari, credits it as his own and she shrugs it off immediately.


Peri’s strength is her knowledge as she can work out a situation from any bit of information she obtains like in Attack of the Cyberman when she works out why the alien they are chasing is ahead of them.


Peri was brave in the majority of her adventures but in Revalation of The Daleks, she is brave enough to attack a mutant to save the Doctor from being strangled but ends up killing him and shows remorse as she regrets it but doesn’t understand why he was nice about it.

That is why I love Peri Brown! Happy Birthday Nicola!