The Woman Who Fell To Earth Review

Jodie Whittaker is here and she did not disappoint me, she was amazing! I loved her energy and kindness as it made me feel warm and welcome. Peter Capaldi as her predecessor gave he words before her changed which it looks taken on and in a good way.

I was laughing a lot but felt for Ryan and his Grandma who is called Grace (Great name) and Graham who gave me family vibes in a great way. I felt sad for Ryan after losing his Grandma sacrifices herself to destroy the alien after falling from a big height and this is probably the emotional scene of the year and you could see the Doctor feel sad when she came down from defeating Tim Shaw (The name) the alien which shows she has a emotional side but not anything like 10 and 11 which is a good sign.

Tosin Cole plays Ryan who suffers from Dyspraxia but he played it very well and I can relate to him as I have Autism and I can feel what he is going through and could b one of the starts to watch through S11. We see him go through the tough times but he is fighting on every scene and you have give him credit to try and ride a bike which like me, he struggles and keeps falling off but I give him credit for doing it for his Grandma and I reckon she would be proud of him. I think Tosin has more to give and I think he will do well through the series.

I had high hopes for Sharon D Clarke as Grace and she did well and through the story, as found her funny but serious but I was sad when she died as she definitely had the potential to be a companion and was a good sport. I worry because if she is recurring, she might suffer the bring back a character from death problem which happens in Steven Moffat’s era and I think it would be a bad movie as her death was such a emotional scene and I would rather they left it at what we got.

Bradley Walsh delivered when it counted and he has a lot to put up with this episode. I found him funny and hoping he will do well in the episodes to come.

Even though she had less to do, I enjoyed Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan. She is quite good and whatever her boss has said, she deserves better and I think her travels will change her.

Tim Shaw was quite an intriguing villain but Chibnall wrote the perfect Villain to face Jodie in her first ever episode.

There is loads of lines in their that really connect with me and they are all said by Jodie and this matches what Twelve wanted for his next incarnation, so even who is kind and that is what has happened. A perfect Doctor with a heart! Thanks Peter Capaldi for those worse of wisdom.

My favourite ever episode at this long in time and this is the standard that I expect throughout S11 but there are two episode in the danger zone but I reveal in the spoiler free previews later in during the series.

Score: 10/10