Leigh Talks – The Ghost Monument Spoiler Free Preview

 I haven’t seen the opener on any of the episodes as this is just a fan account so this is from official stuff and spoiler free reviews and TV Magazines 

The Ghost Monument is the first episode where we see the new team face their first alien world!

Here is the official sypnosis

“Still reeling from their first encounter, the Doctor and her new friends fight to stay alive long enough, in a hostile alien environment, to solve the mystery of Desolation; the mystery of Angstrom and Epzo.”
This is continuation of what concluded The Women Who Fell To Earth and we see them exposed to the Vacuum of Space. If you remember last series, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor was exposed to the vacuum of space and ended temporarily blind for a few episodes after saving Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts from dying in space but how will the new team get out of it? I don’t know (Like the Doctor said last episode)
What’s on TV have said that the TARDIS might be the prize of a competition which Epzo and Angstrom are competing in but who are they. They have also said that the team decide to enter the race but they miss the deadline and have to face the danger of the Remnants which you see in the trailer and that is why they are fighting for their lives but we will see the outcome soon.
The guest cast look good but I don’t know if they will do as well as I originally thought but I will give my opinion in episode review which will be released a day after I watch the episode on the live broadcast.
I don’t know if this episode will do as well as the first one but it might peak at the right time which we must remember as first impressions may change.