Why I Love Jo Grant – Katy Manning Birthday Special

Time to explain why I love the ditzy but brave Jo Grant played by the amazing Katy Manning.


Every adventure she went in with brave attitude and especially when taking on Roger Delgado’s Master and she still the companion who did face him a lot and especially with the Earthbound storyline for her Doctor.


Jo often has romantic interests, the first one was King Peladon and I kind of get the feeling that he wanted her as a queen, I am glad she turned him down same with Clara Oswald in a Nightmare In Silver but thinking about it as I feel sad for Peladon but she gets a second chance with the handsome Professor Clifford and gets her happy ending when she stops travelling to marry him and personally I think this is why I love her here as she chose romance over travelling but ends up still travelling but only on Earth. She also had a bit of a crush on Mike Yates and was mentioned to be going out with for a night in the town with him in The Curse of Peladon 


No could be very brainy times and could take notice of stuff especially in TheThree a Doctors when she works out how to escape from a room without doors in a anti matter universe and the Doctors fan will up a door as they can get stuff with the the power of their will thanks to Omega.

Voice of Reason

She was able deal with Doctor’s arguments even though it didn’t work in Part 1 but in Part 3, she was able to cool down one of their arguments and honestly, that is how you deal with two men who have a problem work with each other. Good job Jo!

That is why I love Jo Grant. Happy birthday Katy!