The Ghost Monument Review

The Ghost Monument is probably an episode where people are being a bit too harsh on. Some people say Jodie was forcing herself too much, the TARDIS looked bad and didn’t like the story but I actually loved the episode.

Segun Akinola did himself proud with the theme tune aand he deserves the credit and thanks to John Smith VFX for a fantastic opening and closing credits, you have come a long way from a fan to taking your dream job! Well done Segun and John!

Jodie Whittaker is proving herself to be a great Doctor at the earliest stages of her debut series. I have to disagree about Jodie forcing herself too far as I think it was the writing but I find it hurtful that people though that  Jodie has tried too hard because she didn’t. I think they are plenty of great moments in this story to see. I love the fact the Doctor continues to do Venusian Akido to Epzo who kind of deserves it but I have to go for the final scene as the way she loses hope after that silly hologram left them behind (The Hologram annoyed me and he was so ungrateful to the travellers and wasthe only bad thing about the episode) and the fact the team refused to give up which shows 12’s words helped made 13 a better person and the respect her three friends give her is amazing. Despite a silly crew member leakingthe TARDIS a few months ago, I actually love the TARDIS more than I originally did but the outer layers are the only issues and the fact that Chibnall is still making the Doctor sound like a Male Doctor makes it more worth it and the way she has hope and especially with Yasmin as she says I can get you home which surprises Yasmin. As we already know, they will go to the past in Rosa and then go home in Arachnids in the UK after their trip back in time so it will be interesting to see how they go.

The companions were a bit weaker here but there is still time and Chibnall has to up his game to give Yasmin, Ryan and Graham a chance to shine and I just want them to have a great character arc. However they were uses well and the relationship with Ryan and Graham steps up a notch and I love the fact that Graham wants to improves his and Ryan’s relationship which I hope continues. Once again, Ryan is the one that shines the most and we see him disobey the Doctor and attempts to use violence which all goes wrong until the Doctor disables to Robot Guards. His dyspraxia does come back at the ladder scene but Tosin Cole pulls the best performance to be role model for people like Ryan in real life but the time he comes down, Yasmin waits for him and the Doctor gives him advice when they have to climb up and that is the best thing to do is give Ryan encouragement and that is probably going to be the team’s strength.

The guest stars were alright but it was Susan Lynch as Angstrom who was the best  and she performed well. Shaun Dooley made Epzo a very intimidating character and it well. Art Malik as the hologram was ok but no matter how well he tried, it just made me think the character was arrogant.

There was the Stenza reference as there were hidden message that the Doctor, Graham and Angstrom find I ten hidden tunnels meanings that the Stenza attacked the Desolation world and also Angstrom explains it happened to her world and also Graham understands as he lost his wife Grace who sacrifices herself to stop the gathering coil soon after Tim Shaw’s defeat but could he back for revenge? I wouldn’t rule it out as this could be a story arc, unfortunately the Radio Times leaked that as well. I didn’t expect there to be a possible second arc when the Remnants attempt to put he. Doctor off by mentioning “the Timeless Child” which I be a story arc through the series which I could prefer over the Stenza but we will see if these two are story arcs over Series 11.

This may not be as strong as The Women Who Fell To Earth and not Top 10 worthy and it’s similar to Smile as I loved it by people didn’t but it’s a consistent run is far and I think this is a good standard but could next episode make or break it! We will see!

Score: 10/10