S12 Updates Part 1

The Doctor Who crew awarded their Doctorate

On the 20th November 2019, Andy Pryor, Matt Strevens, Chris Chibnall and Mandip Gill collected thee honours Doctorates after being awarded by Sheffield Hallam for filming in Sheffield and the shows was set in Sheffield in a few episodes of S11. Well Done Team TARDIS, Cast and Crew.


Filming is wrapped

The officially accounts announced filming had wrapped in a video wjere you get a few sneak peeks of S12.

Jodie’s new outfit variation

Jodie Whittaker has a new outfit variation which consists of a navy blue jumper with her usual. rainbow striped motif and navy blue trousers!


Trailer on 23rd November

The BBC announced in their teaser that we would get something on S12 during the 56th anniversary of Doctor Who starting on the 23rd November 1963. It could b e a teaser of trailer. Also, I will be releasing Why I Love Nardole on the same day as a celebration for the 56th anniversary so everything to be excited for.


Nicola Mvethen reported in her latest Mirror that S12 would start on NYD 2020 and episode 2 would air on Saturday 4th January and air on Saturday. Nicola claims its a two parter but I think she might have got it partially right or wrong which I will explain a later date.


On the 20th November 2019, Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry were announced as guest stars for S12. They will be in the series premier.

Official press release: https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/doctorwho/entries/5fe6b944-ab4f-4d5c-9499-4915c19e6d10