The Doctor regrets his decision – The Waters of Mars Review

The Waters of Mars is the second of the four specials leading to David Tennant’s eventually departure and this leaves us on a cliffhanger at the end and leads to his finale episode.

I love base under sieges and this is an actual good premise and more riskier than the ones I saw before. The Doctor is forced not to interfere when he is forced to stay there after been seen by Gadget robot as the the humans of Bowie Base One are killed when Captain Adelaide Brooke destroys the base for a reason. I think its a great story when it all adds together.

Lindsay Duncan plays the Doctor’s assistant but her character is a leader and shows good promise especially when the Flood attack the base. She can allow the truth to come out of people, especially when the Doctor had to reveal what happens and later ends up causing the action that causes the base to explode which is quite action packed. She is later saved by the Doctor along with Mia Bennett and Yuri Kerenski. But unlike the others who continue their lives. Adelaide confronts the Doctor and tells him “Time Lord Victorious Is Wrong”, I have too agree with it as he Jhansi just gone too far and unfortunately, Adelaide kills herself which I don’t think was the best idea to do, especially when there are better penultimate stories that have better endings.

The Flood are good villains especially with the water possessing people who touch the water like Andy Stone (First one to be possessed). The others who a possessed are infected in different ways by water. Along with the Foretold, these and scariest and do have a good story.

I loved three members of the crew, Mia, Yuri and Roman and they were likeable and funny and relatable. Roman’s death was sad.

The ending is questionable Doctor does learn a lesson but it doesn’t learn from it and it doesn’t help him when he regenerates it but I do feel like what have you done.

I think it’s a good episode despite the next episode cause complications but I still think its good.

Score: 8/10