Leigh’s Revival Series Rankings

Time to share some more of my rankings and I will share my favourites.

My opinions:

Overall Series 5, 6, 11 & 12 had more enjoyable episodes.

Series 9 are ranked down by Zygon episodes which I absolutely disliked due to the treatment of Clara and the plot.

Series 3 definitely had good plots but the treatment of Martha and 10 not being a team player costed marks.

Series 10 had a balanced amount of marks but didn’t get the stories to lift it up into the top 5.

Low marks denied S2 a higher placing but Rose and her behaviour is the reason why I deducted so many marks from good episodes.

These are the  rankings from last to first!

12th: Series 3

Martha was great but I felt her lining over Ten was a disaster and she should have a stand out moment in the first half as when she did, it was in the finale. The story arc was ok again but the characters were involved were annoying. The teamwork suffered again and Rose mentions constantly overshadowed Martha and Ten made me mad as he kept being not great to Martha. Blink was the only stand out episode 

11th: Series 2

Stong start but I lost it when Ten became in love twice and Rose just would stop whining and felt the final scene was just too childish which is one of my main critiques of Ten. Story arc was ok but making the Doctor an enemy not right and teamwork was ok but it just went too far and should have had more time together in the series with falling in love. Felt Rose was too cocky in places with the whole splitting and that is what caused her departure. Two parters in this series were the strongest on this series but 5 single episodes didn’t impress me as much.

10th: Series 7

Matt Smith was probably not as great as he was before but he did his best. I think the flirting and inappropriate touching wasn’t a great move and I have seen a lot of complaints for this. I was disappointed by Amy this series even though i have had mixed views on her exit, she didn’t give me her all as her attitude didn’t work for me. Rory was ok but not at his best. I think Clara’s addition and reducing Amy & Rory in A Town Called Mercy didn’t help either. There was a strong debut from Jenna Coleman was enough to save S7. Mix of good and not great episodes but a valiant effort.

9th: Series 9

I felt Peter and Jenna were better developed in this series and it worked well. I loved Heaven Sent and felt Peter deserved a good review as it is a class act. The story arcs wasn’t strong and a I didn’t get it and the Zygon two after was not great and I didn’t like ackara being trapped and threatened. (WHAT DID YOU DO? She ain’t a damsel in distress!) Episode Rankings maybe have not worked well in their favour but the Series is better than some of the others in general.

8th: Series 10

Loved the story arc and it’s shame we already knew stuff but the cast were amazing but I would have loved to seen more of Nardole but it worked but the finale was ruined in Part 1 as I disliked what happened to Bill (JUSTICE FOR BILL! She never should have been killed off!) behaviour of guest cast and I knew what happened already from the plot. Blind plot was executed well but wanted a different conclusion and Monk trilogy states of great but disliked the Monks from when I found out they were in Doctor Who and disliked the rest of the trilogy. Peter Capaldi grew and this best series for his development! I would have loved stick with relationships this series for Bill but I can understand what they were attempting.

7th: Series 4

David’s best series with the perfect partner with Catherine with great chemistry. First appearance of River Song is in episode of the best stories in the series. The finale is a mixed reaction but still has good stories despite a weak story arc.

6th: Series 1

Chris and Billie brought back the show and had a successful series. Despite behind the scenes trouble, I loved every episode except Father’s Day cause of Rose’s behaviour but the story arc worked and despite Rose whining, the finale was one of favourites and the Daleks were at their  best in both of their appearances. Moffat began his Who career and began strong with a catchphrase which would be iconic.

5th: Series 6

Great character and strong episodes but not a fan of the storyline but happy we find the identity of River Song and Rory is better written here. Cast were strong in this series.

4th: Series 5

Youngest Doctor takes my favourite series crown as the consistent for great episodes excels and the start and finished is perfect and sets up for Mummy On The Orient Express which I find a bit romantic. Story arc is perfect and all two parters are a hit with me. The team work is the best and I agree with others about being a fairytale.

3rd: Series 8

Episode Ranking: 4th: 84%

Peter and Jenna’s chemistry is the best despite the fall out in Kill the Moon and the involvement of Danny Pink but most of the stories are a hit except the Forest of the Night which was not great. Love the story arc as it fits Peter well. Michelle’s Gomez creating history as playing the first time lord to swap genders, setting the way for Jodie Whittaker.

2nd: Series 11

Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill are the best quartet on the show and with 10 episodes that I actually love. All episodes have something special and that’s why I rank it so high.

1st: Series 12

This is what I have been waiting for year when a second series actually delivers and it did. I had high hopes and they delivered. A few characters were weaker but that’s understandable when you have a bigger team. Sacha Dhawan and Jo Martin are a huge sunrise and a treat whilst John Barrowman is a comic genius and a legend and we have the adorable team TARDIS.

That is my Top 12. What is your favourite, comment down on my twitter and Facebook.