Music with Leigh – My Top 5 favourite Murray Gold tracks

Welcome to my newest addition to the blog, Music With Leigh. I will share my Top 5 favourite tracks from Murray Gold and will do something similar for the past series he has composed for.

5. Melody Pond

First played in The Impossible  Astronaut

Dramatic and scary piece of music matches the moments involving River and The Doctor. Emotional music matches the when they have the “Doctors” funeral. Another dramatic moment was when little Melody regenerates in the streets of New York.

4. Amy In The TARDIS

First played at the end of The Eleventh Hour combined with Onwards and possibly a Mad Man With A Box

Starts slowly but gets louder and faster and finishing slower. I find it touching and it’s like a fairytale. The vocals are fine and are amzing and it’s make the scene great and iconic as we are introduced the new TARDIS.

3. Don’t Stop Me Now  (Foxes version)

First plays in Mummy On The Orient Express

My Favourite cover version of one of Queen’s greatest hits. I prefer this to other versions as it’s kind of mature and it’s  in a different tone and it’s copying anyone. It’s more affective before she sings “just give me a call”, the Doctor says “Shall We” to Clara and offers his arm, which she goes hhm and places her arm in his. which we see more in the Complete History which I believe we were “ROBBED”, It’s  creating the moment which you think is such a treat and  a blessing to their fan base and the music is perfect for a 1920’s episode.

2. The Singing Towers Of Darillium

First played in the Husbands Of River Song

I love it as it’s one of my couples and a beautiful scene played well by Peter and Alex and Angelic vocals again from the singer and it’s actually called the Last Nöel.

Ore reaction from them in Darillium in this link

Reflecting 12 – Darillium

1. The Shepherds Boy ( Also known a series Breaking The Wall

First heard in Heaven Sent

Best piece Murray has done by a while as it dramatic and tells Twelve’s journey in Heaven Sent. The las 30 seconds are so dramatic and get louder which makes it more climatic fornwhenhe escapes the Confession Dial and as he regenerates in a Twice Upon A Time. Great job Murray!

Sasha has also chosen her favourite one and it’s very odd one. Sasha has chosen Bad Wolf which first appeared in Rose but has  only heard it once despite not watching S1 or S2 and has a huge dislike for Rose Tyler but it worked for Jodie’s first scene.

I will add that the vocals come from Melanie Pappenheim who does a good job and it’s called The Doctor’s Theme on the soundtrack. Murray did a great job with this.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about mine and Sasha’s choices. Stay tuned for more stuff on Music With Leigh as we will discuss more music shenanigans and hopefully new stuff.