What went wrong with the Tenth Doctor and what went right

I am going explain what went wrong and what went right with one of the overrated Doctors, the Tenth Doctor played by David Tennant in my new feature.


This is why I dislike Series 2 as she kind of is obsessed with him and what abandoned  her boyfriend Mickey who dumped her and fell in love with the Doctor. He just loved her over time and her departure broke his heart and had consequences in S3. The tantrums and the crying was so childish and I expected better.

Romance and human side

This is the big issue, throughout the series, he suffered heartbreak and had 2/3 failed relationships with someone else which is quite repetitive and let down Martha and Rose in their repetitive episodes and it ended in heartbreaking circumstances. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? ARE YOU BECOMING TOO HUMAN? His human side made him more vulnerable to human emotions but despite have a close family, he never stayed too long and that is what ruined it for me.


His actions sometimes wasn’t the best like in his first episode, he killed a alien and I don’t know if it was right thing and my other problem was his actions in Waters of Mars which led the person he saved “Adelaide Brooke” to kill herself to retire the timeline, this led to Ood Sigma appearing but I don’t know if he did the right thing again.

Neglecting Martha

My main issue was the treatment of Martha in S3. THIS IS WHY HE AIN’T A GREAT DOCTOR! He just said one trip in the TARDIS then home and then Rose is  mentioned a lot. GET A GRIP TEN! This is also why Indisliknhim as a human version as they way he treated Martha was unacceptable and he deserved  that slap. I am sorry but he did, he was a absolutely naughty boy and falling in love with Joan Redfern was a major mistake.


Here is what I think went right

His relationship with Sarah Jane Smith

He met Sarah Jane four times from 2006 to 2010 and he gave her kind gesture after reuniting, he gave her a new model of K9 which was used in the Sarah Jane Adventures. He cared for Sarah and especially when Sarah was in danger inform the Trickster, he cam back to her and knew what had to happen but luckily Sarah Jane’s friend Clyde was able to help Sarah go with the Doctor’s advice, and saved her son Luke from being run over by a car. Sarah have him the best advice of all “You’ve got the biggest family on Earth” and his future selves would know that.

His daughter

In 2008,he creates his own daughter name Jenny but despite struggling at the beginning, he begun to show her respect after managing to get her way through a laser maze and hugged her. GREAT SPORT TEN! He was sad when she died giving her life to save him but what pains me is that in TV, he doesn’t know his daughter is still alive.

Other achievements

Sir Doctor of TARDIS


I think the Tenth Doctor is alright but he did have problems and I felt T Davies made a  few bad decisions. What do you think of the Tenth Doctor, comment down in my twitter or Facebook comments section and remember it’s just your opinion.