Leigh’s Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 15th to 11th

Day 2’s rankings consist of the episodes ranked from 15th to 11th. These is the 5 episodes…

15: Listen 10/10

Another episode I think doesn’t deserve the hate. Danny isn’t bad here and is a team player. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are amazing her and that last scene from Clara with that monologue is emotional and I have used this speech a lot.

14: The Pandorica Opens 10/10 and The Big Bang 10/10

Moffat had a brilliant idea avoid a copy of plots similarly done before. I love the fez scene. Moffat is very clever with this gag and this is why I love his era. I love the being and think there were bits that should have been added but I have seen fanfics so that is ok. I love the ending and its the first where all the regulars stay on and is a massive improvement T Davies era.

13: The Impossible Astronaut 10/10 and Day Of The Moon 10/10

My second favourite opener of nu who. Love the death twist and I find it emotional. Get guest cast and scary monsters and definitely sets the bar for the rest of the series. Last scene in Day of the Moon is emotional and breathtaking and gives is a mystery for the rest of the series.

12: Dalek 10/10

My favourite for S1. Rose is very useful in this and we learn that he makes a mistakes but learns from it after she touches the lone Dalek and it goes on a killing rampage which how I like a Dalek story. Love Adam in this story and its a shame he goes bad after this but I actually prefer this to the magazine version in 2013. 

11: Unicorn and the Wasp 10/10

One of my favourite Historicals of the 2000’s. I love the pairing and Fenella Woolgar is a amazing Agatha Christie. The Wasp is scary but entertaining and funny.

So now I am left with 10 episodes to rank. In a random order, these are

The Ghost Monument


Time of the Angels/Flesh and Stone


Mummy on the Orient Express

The Women Who Fell To Earth


Heaven Sent

Rings of Akhaten

Face the Raven

Find out tomorrow on who has ranked in 10th to 6th place and these episodes are very impressive.