Leigh’s Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 10th to 6th

Day 3 is the penultimate episode ranking as I reveal my 10th to 6th placed episodes. Here they are…

10: Rings of Akhaten 10/10

I love the story. Jenna Coleman starts growing here and keeps going up. Matt Smith’s speech is emotional but brings a message about the Doctor’s past.

9: Time Of The Angels 10/10 Flesh and Stone 10/10

People complain about the Angels moving here, I think it’s a good risk and make them more scary like the Cybermen being fast in Nightmare In Silver. I love Amy being in danger here and it;s definitely a good use for Amy first series. River is amazing in her return and a massive improvement from her first episode.

8: Women Who Fell To Earth 10/10

My favourite opener of Doctor Who. I love Jodie Whittaker and she is my role model and one of my Doctors. I can see it as a normal post regeneration story. Sharon D Clarke and Samuel Oakley stand as guest stars. I just love it and enjoy it.

7: Resolution 10/10

More risk of death and a proper returning alien but not in its body and possesses two humans (Lin and Aaron). Tosin Cole impresses me with his portrayal of Ryan who reunites with father and Graham and the Doctor get concerned about Aaron after hearing what happened but it ends up with a happy ending Finally, more physical contact her and I want more in S12. Best Dalek story.

6: Flatline 10/10

This is Jenna Coleman’s story. Two hit episodes for Jamie Mathieson and with 3/4 episodes in my Top 5. Love Jovian Wade as Rigsy and the shrining TARDIS is a amazing idea.

This means Peter Capaldi or Jodie Whittaker could be the Doctor of my number one  episode but who is it, find out tomorrow!