Leigh’s Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 20th to 16th

Time to announce my final rankings for revival series of Doctor a Who. I will announce 5 episodes for 4 consecutive days! Here are my 20th to 16th placed episodes…

20. Dark Water 10/10 and Death In Heaven 10/10

Great use of a new type of cyber conversion anf great introduction of Missy as the first female Master. Love the conclusion to Am I A Good Man Story Arc.

19th. Under The Lake 10/10 and Before The Flood 10/10

It’s a improvement from the opener. Definitely one of Peter Capaldi’s best stories in S9. I love the Fisher King and I love how they mislead us into thinking that th Doctor and Clara are going to die.

18th. The Impossible Planet 10/10 and The Satan Pit 10/10.                                  

One of my favourite two parters of 10’s era. The Ood are one of my favourite aliens and are memorable from their first scene. The Ood being possessed is one of my favourite parts of the episodes. Take out Rose whining as usual and you get a decent story.

17th. The Tsungara Conundrum 10/10

This episodes doesn’t deserve the hate for this. I will defend this episode for a one time. I love Tosin Cole in this one and his character is memorable here. I love Mabli and will protect the character. The Doctor is a bit dark but love it.

16. Blink 10/10

I one this one. It has a Billy Shipton who is hilarious and is killed off too early but is memorable. Weeping Angels and a great Moffat story.

Next set of 5 episodes will be revealed tomorrow!