Leigh’s Rankings (MAY 2020 Edition) – Top 5 Revival Series Moments

I will share my Top 5 favourite moments of the revival series, I hope you enjoy it.

Top 5 Revival Series Moments

5. Clara saves the Doctor who stops the Boneless

The Doctor giving up then getting his faith back when Clara’s plan succeeds allowing him the stop the Boneless is probably 12’s finest heroic moment at the time.

4. Welcome Aboard Properly

I love this scene where Ryan, Yaz and Graham CHANGE THEIR MINDS  and join the Doctor permanently. Reminds me of when Clara changed her mind 3 series earlier after the fall out but i love it in a more happier cricumstance.

3. The Doctor learns the truth of the destruction of Gallifrey

Jodie Whittaker and Sacha Dhawan gave their best performances when the Master displays anger at his bad actions which makes the Doctor upset and angrily. This is helping Jodie’s Doctor in a way by bringing her more emotions and gives Sacha’s Master more motivation for his actions.

2. My Beautiful Ghost Monument

Peopel dislike it and single it out whilst I love this moment, this what I would probably react and the Ryan, Graham and Yaz have just dealt with a big adventure.

1. The Doctor frees himself from The Confession Dial

Peter Capaldi’s best performance and I love this whole montage stuff and seeing the Doctor suffer to escape is sad and brutal but he escapades again to give the time lords their comeuppance but more lighter than what the Master did.

What is your favourite Doctor Who moments? Please comment down below or on twitter.