200th Post – Leigh Talks – What Needs To Change In S13?

I have reached my 200th blog and I have decided to write a blog on what needs to change in S13, I know people will disagree but these are things that need to be changed. Here are my thoughts:

If you’re doing THASMIN, DO IT PROPERLY!

I am fed up of them putting romantic advances and yet not doing it and I want to see if they are owing it, just make it canon because at the moment, the maze of doom seems to be indicating that this is the case. So BBC & Chibnall, if you are doing it, just take the risk ALRIGHT?

Let 13 touch or hug her companions

I understand she is comically awkward but it’s start to getting to get a but bring and I feel like they are being lazy so please, let 13 develop out of it, she deserves better.

Do The Doctor as the Timeless Child justice

At the moment, there in a good position but I don’t want Chibnalll to lose on track cause it does sound good or numerous reasons and they just need to keep going to make it more interacting and give as much reasons as they can without taking away the mystery.

Yaz needs JUSTICE

Big Mandip Gill fan and at the moment, she is really impressing me but she needs to be the ONLY Companion and she needs to be done well. COME ON CHIBNALL, YAZ NEEDS MORE DEVELOPMENT.

Stop fans from complaining about 13.

This is my pet peeve and I am tried of having to defend Jodie in S12 for incidents in episode 2, 7 and 10 because fans don’t understand the point. Please do something about it please and make the writing better so we have less incidents. Needs to stop NOW!

Master and Cybermen have their own stories

It’s time that the Master and Cybermen had their own stories again. I just feel bored of this and I want to to them shine by themselves and try to avoid CHEATING.

What would you like to see change in S13? Comment down below!