Second Chances – Last Christmas Review

Last Christmas is my favourite christmas special and the ending is special to me.

I love the story premise which is about reuniting, second chances and dreams. I love the use Santa and the Elf’s who are called Ian (Dan Starkey aka Strax) and Wolf (Nathan McMullen) I actually enjoyed and I think they were made for comic effect and it’s enjoyable and when Shona roasts him. I really enjoyed Nick Frost here as I enjoyed Simon Pegg as the Editor in The Long Game.

I would like to talk about the Danny dream sequence. I am not a fan of character but his struggle in S8 finale kind of drew me into liking him but the fact that he persuade Clara to move on and live is a good idea and probably one of Moffat’s best ideas regarding Danny and makes him a better person which I struggled to get in hi early stories and he went out on a high.

I have huge respect for Shona McCullogh played by Faye Marsay. If Jenna Coleman left the show at that point, Faye would have been her replacement according to Moffat. I would have be happy with either girl to be honest. Shona was hilarious and and giving Santa some hilarious burn. I loved her final scene.

Troughton Family Star: Michael Troughton who is the brother of David Troughton who has made a few in the Whoniverse and his father is Second Doctor Patrick Troughton. His character is funny and good but its sad when the Krantofarri aka Dream Crabs get him.

Finally, I will say I admire my BABIES, Twelve and Clara and the dream with Old Clara and the REAL final scene is so beautifully done. I love the whole Second Chance and the fact that I got to see Peter Capaldi and Jenna again in s9. The bbc trailer did spoil the end but in would love to have worked it out in the episode without remembering seeing but I don’t mind and it’s significant.

I love the episode and it does give you something to be emotionally about.

Score 10/10