The Doctor sheds a Tear – The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe Review

The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe was the 7th Christmas Special. Just like A Christmas Carol, it had guest companions as the current main companions had a small appearance. The special isn as loved as A Christmas Carol but I love it and its time to talk about.

Maurice Cole and Holly Earl had a main role as Cyril and Lily Arwell. I love it’s Cyril who starts the action by being curious and opening the present and waking two figures which has a similarity to Edmund Pevensie but Cyril is less troublesome. I feel its nice to have a child who is ready to do things earlier than they should do. I also like Lily’s attempt but she ends up being distracted by the Doctor and ends up being his sidekick. I find it adorable and the way they confront their mum near the ed is just heartbreaking as they are about to find the truth bu things get better.

Claire Skinner was Madge Arwell. She wasn’t the proper companion but she still was a star. I loved the emotion, Madge pushed herself in the dark times and I think is a character development people should appreciate more and especially at the end.

The forest is a great set and I find it magical, especially when the life of the Forest goes in to Madge.

The last two scenes are heartwarming and both concern the Doctor himself. Matt Smith’s performance in this scenes definitely showcase a change after his Doctor faking his death to stop the Silence and we have a throwback “They all think I’m dead!” I love Madge persuading him which works because he is ready to reunite with Amy and Rory and is enticed into jining them for Christmas dinner and I love the fact that he contradicts his own statement, “Happy crying. Humany wumany!” This is because he cries himself at the end after his friends welcome them into their new home.

Also quick mentions to Alexander Armstrong, Bill Bailey, Arabella Weir and Paul Bazely.

Great episode with a emotional meaning

Score: 10/10