What do you think about the Steven Moffat Era


Here is what you think about the Steven Moffat era…


Think of a time. A time in a future where hope is talked about as something more than just a reaching goal, but as a way of thinking, where dreams are more than simply believed, but lived; and where friendship is not just declared, but acted upon. The Steven Moffat era was and is that time to me. While the RTD era was an exciting moment that started what could be a fascinating painting, the Moffat era is a beautiful reality that showcases what that painting, in the end, will look like. With the stories, companions, doctors, tardis consoles, villains, theme songs, and more; this era represents what the best of Doctor Who can be, what it can look like. It holds a certain standard that does not come across arrogant as in, “look at how cool I am. You cannot be as cool as me” but a clear standard that simply states one of my favorite themes about the show: defending the best of humanity. “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” – (Mahatma Gandhi). There is no doubt that the Moffat era is my all time favorite of New Who. I talk it up and advocate it so much until I’m blue in the face. Why? Because when I needed hope, friendship, and the beauty of dreams the most…when I turned on my television and saw the last half of ‘The Caretaker’ & watched the next episode of ‘Kill The Moon’ and got excited and motivated to start on Series 1… the Moffat era was literally the first era this face saw.


I really love the Moffat era because of the fairytale elements. The introduction of the character of Amy Pond was brilliant. Amy Pond was like Wendy Darling running off with Peter Pan (The Doctor). Rory then came along. I really loved the trio. River Song was given more screen time and time to shine. She was brilliant and badass. One of the best scenes is her big reveal to be Amy and Rory’s daughter. Clara Oswald was the companion who was the bridge between the Eleventh Doctor and the Twelfth Doctor. But she was more than a “bridge.” She was a wonderful character in her own right. I really loved Bill, Nardole, and Missy. Missy’s character development was amazing. She started off bad. Well, she was The Master, after all, but then she tried to become “good”. The internal conflict was there and Michelle Gomez portrayed that beautifully. Matt Smith was wonderful as The Doctor. He really captured the whole “old soul in a young body.” I really loved Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. His Doctor was more “alien”. He started off hard and rough, but then he eventually became softer as a person. I loved both Matt & Peter as The Doctor. They were both brilliant. I loved Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax. They were so funny and fun. I love all of the characters in the Moffat era. You never knew where Steven Moffat was going to take the show. He was a brilliant writer. There were so many twists and turns and that was one of the things I loved about this era. He wrapped up character arcs brilliantly. This era was full of love, heartbreak, warmth, happiness, tragedy, light, humor, and twists. I loved the Moffat era for these reasons and these reasons alone are why I enjoy re-watching this era.


What he has done as a storyteller, a showrunner, and as a lifelong fan will be greatly missed my many and remembered for a lifetime by all, but not greatly missed and remembered as deeply as by me.

I love this era because it’s imaginative, bold and daring. 12 is my Doctor and his portrayal is all what the Doctor should be and more. 11 and 12 feel alien and unknowable, awkward and fun. I love how time travel is used in this era..
I’d say it’s the most perfectly balanced run of Who since the Hinchcliffe/Holmes years. Just the right amount of humour, drama and emotion. And Moffat of all showrunners showed the deepest interest in and understanding of the Doctor’s character.
He understood how to modernise the show while staying faithful to its past and history. Not everything he did was successful and sometimes he was too ready to placate the more rabid fandoms but he had an unerring feeling for what makes Who Who.
I love what Moffat did for DW. He knew what he was doing, built captivating character arcs, wrote complex stories, chose brilliant actors, cleverly related to Classic Who and through it all, his love for and knowledge about the show shone through. Love his vision.
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