Steven Moffat’s Era Review

Last time, I reviewed Russell T Davies era and now it the turn one of my favourite writers who I will give some grief for A VERY GOOD REASON as I will explain those issues. It’s Steven Moffat!

Positive thing
Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi
This my main reason for loving Moffat for creating two of three Doctors I love and admire. I relate to Peter the most for NUMEROUS REASONS! I love 12 a lot and finding him and so cute. 11 is hilarious and is adorable.
The first LQBT Companion
I appreciate Steven’s attempt on the first gay companion. Pearl Mackie was amazing. I think it could have been much better than it getting messed up but it did it’s job.
River Song
I wasn’t fan in her first episode but she grew on me and I loved her. Just like with the LGBTQ, there were a few hiccups built it worked well and Steven can improve on a character he loves.
Clara Oswald
I love this character so much. Regardless of the CRIMES that were committed towards this character in S8, I still love her and relate to her and she is overheated.
The Singing Towers Of Darilium
I love this scene and think it works with Steven’s writing. I love the characters a how much emotion they brought.
Negative Things
Overused killing and bringing back his companions
I feel annoyed that Steven let all 5 companions left after dying or being sent back in time as being alive. It may have a happy ending but it felt that it was recurring gag that should have kept some characters dead. The thirst three were ok because they were different but Bill’s felt a bit of copycat and I kind of rant on her exit as I could see something else in it’s place. I think it’s too overboard.
Silence Will Fall Story Arc
I think most of the story arc works but i think Second Part really copies what actually happened to the real Amy in Part 1 and I don’t like that. The Doctor faking his death was genius and it helped the story arc a lot. I felt it just missed one thing
The Hybrid
I didn’t understand this one bit and I can’t get behind it. The finale is amazing but why place a pointless story arc with it. Thankfully, it would have been the same if it wasn’t there. I dont think the timelords helped especially in one episode so it doesn’t help it’s favour.
Mixed feelings
The River Situation in Name of the Doctor
I agree with Alex Kingston who plays River on this. I felt not that invested in the character in this ep. I struggle in Husbands but its fixed around 2/3 in the episode and creates a wow moment. Alex has revealed she never felt emotional at the time and they were rushed at the time of filming in December 2012. I can totally admit that in another sci fi, Doug Naylor who writes Red Dwarf has more success in the Back to Earth miniseries in April 2009. The character of Dave Lister played by Craig Charles did a better job with the emotion despite the fact that the problem in that series was no laughing track and it didn’t need that as Craig performed well and cried on set. Back to Steven, i think his script was good for the scene, it just doesn’t come across on scene but that’ the production teams fault.
The Missy scenario
I actually liked it but it felt flawed as we knew it was going to be her in the Vault. Her ending feels questionable as she ends up being killed by her previous self after reforming BUT…
If the Master returns, this could be overflawed as I don’t think this was the best decision as future showrunners want to bring them back and the risk of them degenerating which Big Finish have SADLY done. DO NOT CREATE NEW MASTERS TO THE ONES ONSCREEN.
I appreciate what Steven has done but it’s going to affect the future of the use of the character.
The regeneration order
Russell T Davies started it with the regeneration incident in the S4 two parter finale. In Let’s Kill Hitler, River  Song gave the Eleventh Doctor her remains regenerations to save him after she killed him but they don’t count as a regeneration. In the Name of the Doctor and Day of The Doctor, Steven messes Edith canon and creates John Hurt’s War Doctor but he is not that bad. Time of the Doctor is the final draw as it’s revealed that Metacrisis and War Doctor do count as a regenerations which leaves Eleven as the ACTUAL Thirteenth Doctor and Clara is able to persuade the Time Lords to give the Doctor a second set of the regenerations. Its ok as we can have more Doctors after Jodie but I am disappointed that we won’t have the Valeyard back.
Thank you Steven Moffat for beginning of my era of the show.