Titles! What Do They Mean – Part 1 (2 YEARS OF DR WHO WHAT WHY)

To celebrate Two Year’s Of Blog, I though I would start a new series of emotional & comedy . This was inspired by a chat with @universeofwho and @dwfan89 as we managed to salvage a near disastrous conversation. Here is my new item:

TITLE: The Doctor Falls

What Does It Mean: The Doctor is killed numerous times by the Cybermen and end up sleeping for more than a while but refuses to regenerate and die as he is and this is sad because Bill ‘ABANDONS’ him to go with Heather which is understandable and I not surprised why but I think it helps the story link into the next one.

TITLE: Face The Raven

What Does It Mean: Citizens Of Trap Street who are punished by death and have to face a Raven. Clara Oswald tragically faces the same fate when she takes the place of Rigsy before learning the truth. I cried after the episode as it touched me.

TITLE: The Ghost Monument

What Does It Mean: The TARDIS engines being stuck in a loop making it look like a ghost monument. I was very intrigued when I first heard about it.

TITLE: Day Of The Moon

What Does It Mean: We see a real event when the Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin   become the first men on the moon and The Doctor tampers with the transmission controls to defeat the Silence and people forget they ever killed the silence.

TITLE: Rise of the Cybermen

What Does It Mean: John Lumic creates a Cybermen and capture homeless men and converts them into the first living Cybermen by removing the brain and placing in to a suit of armour which “SCREAM ALERT” is disgusting.

The last one of this session is dedicated to my friend of 8 years, Sasha.

TITLE: Mummy On The Orient Express

What Does It Mean: There is a Orient Express in space and it has a Mummy seen by people who are about to die unless the Doctor has anything to do with it. Sasha loved this episode and thinks this is when S8 started to get better.

That is it for now bit hopefully you enjoyed it and then to see this feature again. Anything you would love me to improve, please comment down below as i appreciate the help.