The Binge’s Watchers Guide To Doctor Who S11 by Mackenzie Flohr

If you want something to help guide your binge watch through S11, here is a book by Mackenzie Flohr to help you:

Here is some information about the blog from Mackenzie Flohr:

Words cannot express how excited I am to be chosen by Riverdale Avenue Books to specifically bring this series to life. It’s very exciting and I’m very humbled. It really means a lot to be writing a book about Doctor Who, though I never imagined it would be a series on all the Doctors! It’s a dream come true, and I can’t wait to discover what other opportunities it will open up for me. 2018 was a huge year for Doctor Who and Whovians around the world with the debut of our first female Doctor. It is an honor to start this non-fiction series on Jodie Whittaker and her 13th Doctor. It feels like in a way I am getting to play my part in making history now.

Thank you Mackenzie Flohr and please read her latest novel!

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