Tribute: Elizabeth Sladen by Leigh Craddock

Its been 7 years since we lost a legend and role model to young people everywhere. Elizabeth Sladen is missed by all her fans and there have been a variety of tributes including the SJA reunion last year.

Let’s discuss a hero that we have now lost but is remembered by loads of fans.

My experience of Sarah Jane:

The first episode I watched was her return in Doctor Who in School Reunion but her appearance showed me that there was more Doctor Who in the past but a few months, I watched my first ever classic Who episode which considently was Elizabeth’s first ever episode and the Sontarans first episode. After that amazing episode, I started to watching and collecting classic Who DVD’s! Also, if Sarah didn’t return, we would have got the amazing Sarah Jane Adventures which kids watched from 2007 to 201 which I was one of them, I watched the first ever episode with my Mum and Dad so that was special. I began watching it properly when it became a full series. I loved the show no matter if the episode was amazing or not amazing. I find it amazing as we got two classic characters that were in Doctor Who and an appearance from David Tennant and Matt Smith in 2009 and 2010. When I found out the news, I was in France, I was confused until I realised she was gone. It was sad but I am happy that she got an tribute at the start of the Impossible Astronaut cause it showed the crew had a respect just like us fans. Thinking about it now, it makes me think that she is one amazing female role model and this make me have strength to say Jodie Whittaker is going to be brilliant and it may have opened the path for a female Doctor!

Tributes from the people she knew

Katy Manning: Coming to work on the Sarah Jane Adventures was a gift. Liz understood how difficult it was to do that, to come back like that. People think it’s terribly easy and it’s not.

Matt Smith: She has a special place in people’s hearts.

David Tennant: There was something about Sarah!

Here are some special words from the fans who loved Elizabeth…

Steffi Cox:

7 years ago today the world lost a legend! Rest in Everlasting Peace Elizabeth Sladen, you will always be our Sarah Jane Smith i fell inlove with you when I found out that you were getting your own show which Always inspired me to be on tv, it feels like only yesterday that I first saw you in Doctor Who with David Tennant’s doctor and it feels like only yesterday when I found out you died. Us Whovians miss you ???????


My message is:

Lis always seemed so nice from all the behind the scenes content on Doctor Who and SJA as well as all the interviews she did. It seemed as if all the kids from SJA almost looked up to her which is nice and it was a tragedy when she died, I remember it vividly as I was very young. It’s such a shame that we’re constantly having these brilliant actors took from us from Lis to the great Nicholas Courtney and more. R.I.P to the true icon that is Elisabeth Sladen!

What are my favourite moments of Sarah Jane Smith?


Sarah vs Field Major Styre

Sarah starts to be won over by the Doctor

Positive Review:

”If I did, it might give you a Seizure” – The Time Warrior Review – Classic Who Easter 2020

I miss Elizabeth but I will always carry the thought that she made me enjoy the classic era and knowing that she was the first classic character to return to Doctor Who and as Katy said, it ain’t easy! Thanks Liz, miss you! ❤️

Tribute by Leigh Craddock