”If I did, it might give you a Seizure” – The Time Warrior Review – Classic Who Easter 2020

Sarah Jane Smith and a new debuting monster to start of the Eleventh Series of the show.

I love the whole story of two houses battling and one side employing the help of a “Star Warrior” which at the end of Part One is revealed o be a Sontaran who has been stealing Scientist from the Future and hypnotising Scientists with the exception of the Doctor’s friend Professor Rubeish who has a strong mind and is able to keep an eye on the situation.

Jon Pertwee really is fantastic actor here. We see him fight a lot and entertain us and being a marveloso with technology. It just show his wondorous mind and his intrigue gives his Doctor more development especially with our girl and much loved and missed companion Elisabeth Sladen’s Sarah Jane Smith. Sarah is a Journalist taking Aunt Lavinia’s place and she ends up getting one way too far and ends up in Medieval England where she is interrogated and hypnotised by a alien and saves the Hal the Archer before jumping to the wrong conclusion which she ends up correcting after interrogating the Doctor more. If your are Sarah fan, I recommend this episode to watch how she ends up travelling is cause of her own intrigue.

Linx vs Irongron is probably one of the best chemistry between villains in the show.

Here are some of their banter

“Didn’t I tell you you wouldn’t find my face pleasing” – Linx

“It ends when I say it ends” – Irongron

I love the battle sequence in this one, especially the failed invasion of Sir Edward’s castle and Linx has a go at Irongron. The scene where the Doctor takes on Linx is such a amazing scene.

This is one of my favourite classic openers.

Score: 10/10