My Doctor Who Experience So Far – Leigh Craddock

I would like to share some personal experience on this blog. I will talk about my time so far as a Doctor Who.
I am going to start with 2006 when David Tennant was the Doctor as that is where I started watching the show properly. I was at a cottage in Swaledale and I saw a magazine in the bathroom or somewhere in cottage AND previously I saw LOWRI TURNER from UK show DIY SOS, i saw David and Billie Piper in the promo picture (I THNK THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED) and then, I saw the trailer which I think was different to what is is on the internet nowadays:
Then, I watched New Earth on the airdate and then became a regular viewer except Age of Steel as I was at the Cottage, Fear Her as i was in Newquay and Army Of Ghosts as I was a a party but I maxed to watched Doomsday at the PUB where the cottage was. (I STAYED AT THE COTTAGE A LOT.) A week after Doomsday (POSSIBLY), I watched first ever Christmas Special which was A Christmas Invasion and its good. 2 years later in October 2008, I was watching the National Television Awards (NTA’s) when David announced he was leaving in 2010 and i was sad and shocked cause I was so in awe at the time. In January 2009, I watched the new Doctor reveal which was Matt Smith and the name struck a chord at the time and it still does. Also that year in a special magazine, I saw the new companion. I can’t remember how I came across Karen Gillan’s name which wasn’t for a while but the surname when I found out about also struck a chord. I am not gonna drag the full story because that will take a LONG TIME.
TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT AS I HAVE SAID IT LOADS OF TIME BEFORE! I watched Liz in School Reunion, she is good and this lead me to watching Sarah Jane Adventures and Classic Who which I began with the The Time Warrior which was Elizabeth’s first EPISODE. OH YES and Classic is great, I feel that I prefer Revival Who but you have some amazing women like Jacqueline Hill (Barbara), Katy Manning (Jo) and Liz too.
I am gonna finish my revival experience now. I am a huge fan of the recent three Doctors as you know which are Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi and Jodie Whittaker and am a loyal supporter of all 3. I will admit that peter and Jodie are the ones I will relate to the most. I loved S11 and its my favourite series of the entire show. All cast are likeable an you have Bradley Walsh complaining and entertaining and making me sad. Mandip Gill is a amazing actress and is a grower for me and I am looking forward to seeing her gracing with her presence. Finally, my boy Tosin Cole, great actor, underrated and treated badly by a few fans. His character is relatable as we both have dyspraxia. I have a crush on a character as he is so cute and handsome.
I am going to share some of my Doctor Who ANTICS outside the show…
2007 – Doctor Who Experience
I don’t remember much but I did see a Cyberman exhibit which got me scared at the time. Also saw a racnoss tour and a shop. At the beginning, you had three posters explaining the regular cast and monsters of the ep of the first three revival series.
2009/2017/2018 – London Filming Locations
I visited Westminister Bridge, Trafalgar Square and Saint Paul’s Cathedral on various trips. I also went to the Forbidden Planet twice near Trafalgar Square. I also went to Covent Garden Tube Station twice which is actual setting in the Web of Fear.
My photograph of St Paul’s Cathedral
2019 – Madame Tussaud’s – Blackpool
I was extremely lucky to visit Blackpool recently on a day trip with family and got to visit the Doctor Who Exhibition at Madame Tussaud’s in my Doctor Who Hoodie and 13 Pink T-Shirt. Its not a big exhibit, it starts with a corridor with the Stenza rock to Jodie and the TARDIS then the final room with exhibits and a green screen where you can take a picture and but it at the end and you can buy Doctor Who stuff.
That’s my story for NOW!
Thank you for reading my experience.