Team TARDIS in Black Tie – Spyfall Part 1 Review

The first two parter since World Enough And Time and The Doctor Fall and this is the best start for a long while. I think I will start with THE SHOCKING AND HISTORIC TWIST…

SACHA DHAWAN!! I knew he was the Master sadly due to being spoiled but I didn’t know when he was going to be revealed in the finale but he is THE MASTER. The performance reminded me of classic who. Viewers also picked up on the Tissue Compression Eliminator which killed the real O who the Master was masquerading as which I think it’s nice to see a classic nod. One of the weapons victims was Tegan Jovanka’s Auntie Vanessa and her death, WHAT but Tegan’s reactions is very sad. There have been a few complaints but my complaints are wiped out because Chris CHIBNALL, YOU’VE PROVED LEIGH WRONG AGAIN! WELL DONE CHIBS!

I loved the spy parody, I do love a pastiche like Agatha Christie ones and the Titanic.

Jodie Whittaker has given her best performance to date as the Doctor. I have always been impressed since Day One and she is one of my Doctors. 13 in the tuxedo and bow tie. The Doctor rocked in bond style and that line, “The name’s Doctor, The Doctor.” The cliffhanger with Jodie is a highlight of the ep, every single emotion worked for her and part 2 is going to give me a lot of emotions so keep going Jodie, keep going.

The legend that is Mandip Gill. Mandip has definitely impressed me and there is a scene puzzling me which going help Yaz further, did 7% of her human DNA gets taken away when she was transporter the void but the Doctor herself was taken to the void at the end so we will find out but does the Master know something and I am intrigued.

Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh are back as their double act once again has me in laughs. They are so funny but also good as individuals but I would love to see Ryan be more brave and I think we are going to get that. Graham getting curious about the Doctor’s history and with the Master getting involved, its going cause a bit of friction with the gang.

I love the plot of Spyfall Part 1. The fam were more in danger and were possible targets a they were now hired by MI5. The cliffhanger I don’t have any clue what is going on anymore so I will wait but i loved it with no escape and how will they get out of that one. Bring it on!

Leigh’s Question:

Where is Sacha Dhawan placed with the Master’s timeline?

I can see where he can be but I don’t see it being before John Simm and at the moment, I can see it before after Simm/before Gomez or after Gomez and see how her master’s death plays. I am interested to see

Viewers Reviews


Amazing, mesmerizing episode that has so much potential to be an absolute thriller of an opener of Doctor Who. The dialogue was good and the Doctor finally confronting the villains intensely! Oh… And the Master!!! 😮😮 10/10 anyday!


I liked it. It’s basically a set up episode for part 2, and it did a good job at raising the stakes, presenting the premise, and giving us one hell of a cliffhanger. My main problem is that 1h05m is too long, making the story feel padded at times, maybe cutting 5m of it would’ve been perfect (I think the scenes near the middle go on for a tad too long). The regulars were all brilliant here, Jodie is as good as ever, and the chemistry she has with the companions is incredible. It was nice seeing more of the companions’ lives, and lasted just the right amout of time. The supporting cast is great too, with epic guests, like Lenny Henry giving a really solid performance as Barton, and Sacha Dhawan perfectly communicating both characters he plays. The monsters were great, very creepy, and pretty original. Their universe-domination goals are cliché, but in a good, pulp sci-fi way. And about the episode’s vilains. WHAT A TWIST. I was *not* expecting the Master to show up, and in this regard the story is masterful, I do think it’s a tad too early to bring him back tho, because Missy had a perfect ending, but I still like the reveal. Sacha Dhawan was great at the mannerisms and the chaotic energy of the Master without getting too ott. I’m not completely sold on him yet tho. Maybe it’s that he hasn’t really shown the suave, quiet nature of the character yet, or simply that his look doesn’t feel mastery (probs the lack of goatee), but I still thought he was good and I’m really looking forward seeing him more. Overall I found this to be a good, well written, exciting opener that really brought the best out of the current team, if a bit padded. I’m really hyped for part 2, and series 12 ! I’d give it a 7.5/10, which might seem harsh, but we only saw half of the story and I rate 2 parters as one story.


An absolutely amazing opener with an amazing cliff hanger, fantastic performances and perfect pacing. 10/10


Brilliant. Jodie did a fantastic job in a role and Yaz seemed to get more involved. Love the stakes and the twist of the Master. Roll on Sunday!

Thank you to the guests. 4 more next time!

I loved it but needs a great SECOND part to reach my top 5 and guide S12 a chance of beating the current leaders, S11.

Score 10/10