Leigh Talks: What Do I Think Of S4

Series 4 had a lot to prove after massive setbacks for 10 in the previous Two series. Luckily, you get the perfect partnership. WHAT HAS TAKEN SO LONG?

David Tennant came back fighting and yes. Have loved David and I have stated that his acting can make the wrong impression as it happens with S3. I just think he stood out more and apart from one story, I think he hit his stride. Also,  I would like to say 10 actually feels more darker in this series which i think is a good move t help him and especially in the specials.

I feel the change from The Runway Bride to Partners In Crime helps Donna Noble’s Character arc to make her more likeable. I personally enjoy the fact that she can be annoying in her first appearance then turn more serious in the actual series but still keep her cheekiness in which was a good move. I don’t think it would have been as iconic if they got rid of the oi’s and they didn’t. Catherine Tate definitely made a huge impact from her first appearance, similar with Matt Lucas’ Nardole in S10, they came from just used for comic relief as they are comedians to having a story line. This is a transformation in the world of who but still keep them funny which worked on both occasions.

Bringign former companions back can be used for fan service which is ok but they need to Stan out with being part of a plot rather than just make fans happy. This is what happened with Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, they cleverly made her return a statement and appearing as a cameo on three appeareance before a regular appearance for the the finale. Billie was at her best yet because she has grown ad what she does is heroic so it’s a huge win. Same with Freema Agyeman (x2), John Barrowman and Elisabeth Sladen, they were more involved with the plot. This is how you bring back companions.

S4 had a few debuting familiar faces. Alex Kingston debuted as the mysterious River Song who’s involvement would cont ue in the Steven Moffat era. Speaking of Steven, he was revealed as the new show runner during S4 transmission and that’s not all, he would later cast two actors from James Moran’s Fires Of Pompeii, Karen Gillan and Peter Capaldi who would later play Amy Pond (S5 – 7) and the Twelfth Doctor (S8 – 10). Peter’s Doctor’s face would later be revealed in S9’s The Girl Who Died.

Medusa Cascade and The Bees Disappearances were the Satoru arc. I like that these two different things link together. We see a lot of Medusa Cascade reference and Donna mentions the Bees Disappearing. Its a good story arc when you factor everything into it.

I fell the episodes in this series were more standout since S1. You had Unicorn and the Wasp and Turn Left. Plus the fandom favourites Midnight and the BIG finale which I am not a fan of but there are something appealing here and I think people understand and appreciate

3 things I wold change:

1. 10 was nicer to River

2. The Doctor’s Daughter had better scenes than capturing the crew.

3. Better prophecy twist

S4 is a game changer and starts a run of amazing series.