Leigh Talks: Series 2

Series 2 was broadcast in 2006 and was the first series i watched properly. When I first watched it, I loved it but now, my feelings changed.

David Tennant and Billie Piper did a good job but..

THEY WEREN’T LIKEABLE! What were you thinking T Davies?

I didn’t relate to them which is a huge issue and all regulars should make feel you negative and that’s what they do. I thin the romance was the a bad idea as its meant to be a sci fi show, not being irritated by a pair of lovers which is how I feel. Also their attitude in Tooth and Claw and jealous Rose in Girl In The Fireplace. This is why I have to complain about it. I think they could have done better individual.

Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke actually overshadowed the regulars and their massively improved. I feel Mickey was more independent and I think this a great character development we also in see in his guest appearance in S4. I love Jackie Tyler in Love and Monster even though I criticise the characters  behaviour, Jackie’s stands out to me as protecting her daughter and the Doctor which she never did in S1 so that makes a big difference.

Elisabeth Sladen returns to DOCTOR WHO and what a moment as well as she comes in the 3rd episode I watched properly. I have mentioned this a lot on the blog but I am just going to say it’s ONE OF RTD’S BEST IDEAS and I am greatful as if this never happened, I wouldn’t have known about ClassicWho. Thank you Russel and Liz!

I love the monsters a lot in this series. I love the redesigned Cybermen whichI never knew about at the time. Looking back, i think the logo is probably the only setback but this a parallel version and they are made by a company, Cybus Industries. I loved the concept of the Parallel Cybermen and the fact the came back alongside a new batch of Daleks, called the Cult of Skaro and the Genesis Ark and made a fantastic finale of them tow races battling out but sadly causing human deaths. Despite the fact the Abzorbaloff was made a made by a child’s for Blue Peter competition and the threat, i just didn’t feel the the monster was good enough but I appreciate the effort.

I love the two parters than I did S1 so that is progress. My favourite two parter and episode has to be The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit. The story and soundtrack stands out to me and I’m. Loved the Ood since I first saw them in 2006  so that is good. The Historicals weren’t the best this series as I did’t find any to like about them and if I enjoyed them more, I think it would have done much better.

The story arc, Torchwood for me worked but not until the finale as I wasn’t a fan of the Doctor being enemy of Queen Victoria which their behaviour was outrageous  and disrespectful and made them unlikeable to me didn’t help it. I actually love when it comes together then the aftermath and Jack makes his own which is to help the Doctor.

What I would improve

1. No romance between the Doctor and Rose

2. Better behaviour for the regulars

3. Better historicals