Series 12 Writers and Directors

There will be 7 Writers and 4 Directors in S12. This is the first series to have 3 female writers, bettering the results from S9 to 11. Also, S12 has the equal amount of Directors which equals last year.

Showrunner Chris Chibnall is writing 4 episodes himself which will be the opener and the finale, I don’t know what else he is writing.

Guest Writers:


Vinay Patel

Last Episode: Demons of Punjab (10/10)

Hugo Awards Nominee for The Demons of Punjab in the 2019 edition.

Pete McTighe

Last Episode: Kerblam (10/10)

Wrote Sophie Aldred’s feature for Blu Ray Editon of Season 26 of the Classic Series.

Ed Hime

Last Episode: It Takes You Away (10/10)

Wrote during Seasons 4 and 5 of Skins.


Nina Metevier

She was Script Editor for Women Who Fell To Earth and it Takes You Away in S11.

Charlene James

Written two episodes for The Discovery Of Witches which stars Doctor Who’s Alex Kingston.

Maxine Alderton

She has written for Emmerdale.


Jamie Stone

Directed Clara and the TARDIS and The Last Day in 2013.

Lee Haven Jones

Directed The Bay and Shetland.

Nida Manzoor

Written and directed Lady Parts.

Emma Sullivan

Directed a few episodes of Silent Witness and 4 O Clock Club.

That’s the latest S12 update.