Why I love Jamie McCrimmon

Jamie McCrimmon played by Frazer Hines is probably my favourite companions in the Classic era. Here is why I love Jamie

Creag en tuire

One of my favourite companion catchphrases. It makes me laugh all the time.

His relationship with Doctor

I find it very funny as they often disagree with each other band have good banter with their chemistry, especially when Jamie is on his own with him in the Two Doctor’s. “I believe too when I see it! & ‘Why are we sneaking in quietly?”

Stands up to other by proving they need him

Jamie will not allow himself to be left out of stuff especially in The Seeds of Death when he refuses to be left on Earth whilst the Doctor and Zoe go to the Moon and actually is able to go after that.


I love that Jamie has weapons but its funny that the Doctor doesn’t have a problem with Jamie but that’s maybe because he is used to them.

That’s why I love Jamie. Thank you Fraser for being a legend!