What do I think on Series 10

The last series was epic. We had the first ever gay companion Bill Potts who was play brilliantly by Pearl Mackie! Matt Lucas won me over as Nardole. Peter Capaldi aced it yet again! And the sad demise of Michelle Gomez’s Missy! My favourite episodes were Smile and Oxygen! My least favourite episodes was the pyramid at the end of the world, the empress of mars and eaters of light. My favourite moment was when the Doctor fought those cybermen to the death. And David Bradley deserves a mention and makes himself look like the original William Hartnell in a way.

Oxygen is is brilliantly written and even though I was ruined the surprise at the end, I love the Doctor being blind twist and he saved Bill and the others whilst being blind and we got our first group hug since The Angels Take Manhattan 5 years ago.

Nardole has been criticised for his comedy but Steven Moffat knew he had the challenge of making Nardole more serious but he became brilliant and by Oxygen, he turned into a true member of the TARDIS crew.

I loved the Missy twist and loved the fact that we saw her break down twice as it shows her vulnerability that we have never seen before. That is a reason why I will miss Peter and Michelle.

I loved the Mondasian Cyberman although I loved their voices, I agree with Peter that they should have gloves on but I can understand if they wanted to edit it a bit but I also have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of Bill’s treatment in World enough and time and I absolutely disliked Jorj, I had a feeling he wouldn’t shoot Bill after the trailer was released. Just like the Doctor the start of the Doctor Falls cause I would  have loved something different as John Simm was working with a new Doctor.

I loved the new twist for the Ice Warriors but absolutely disliked Catchlove! But enjoyed the fact that he got defeated by one of his crew and glad Ysanne Churchman reprised her role from the 1970’s.

I loved the fact that there was less Clara mentions because it just felt right and loved the River mention in Extremis as it shows that he is still distraught after saying goodbye to her on Darillium.

Final thing, I loved that mention of a female Doctor in the Doctor Falls and I am excited for what the lovely Jodie Whittaker will bring in Series 11.

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