First Doctor Recap Part 1

I have a huge respect for the First Doctor but since he is back at Christmas, time to revisit where it began!

The Doctor debuted in an Unearthly Child when he came out of his TARDIS where he meets Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton who are his Grandaughter’s school teacher. They have an interest in Susan but things go wrong when he gets angry and takes off with them.

Their fractured relationship which is similar  to Twelve and Clara in Kill the Moon blossoms in The Edge Of Destruction when he realises that humans are good. He manages to talk round Barbara and…..

First Doctor and Barbara finally get along

His personality changes a lot after that. We see him and Susan have an argument in the Sensorites. He rescues Ian, Barbara and Susan from the French Revolution when the end up in trouble in the Reign of Terror.

Tomorrow, Part 2

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