The Twelfth Doctor’s Official Costume Guide

This is the series where I DISCUSS the outfits the Doctor has worn over their many lives. Today, I will be talking about the many outfits that were worn by  Peter Capaldi who was our the Twelfth Doctor.

Twelve’s outfit was different to his predecessor with his long velvet coat in many

This is his Original Outfit

Twelfth Doctor in Deep Breath

– Navy Blue Crombie Coat

– White shirt

Blue Cardigan (Later substituted for a waistcoat or with just the shirt)

– Black trpusers

Black boots


– Coats (Grey Charcoal, Dark Blue, Red, Black)

– Shirts (Polka Dot and Black, Red, Purple, Black

– Jumper (Holey jumper, Black Jumper with Red T-Shirt)

– Hoodies (Red, Black, Grey, Navy Blue)

– T-Shirt (White T-shirt’s with various under shirts and black t shirt with shark)


– Orange suit with yellow helmet (Kill The Moon)

– Grey Chasm Forge Spacesuit (Oxygen)

– Grey Victorian Spacesuits (Empress Of Mars)

One Offs

Black Tuxedo (Mummy on the Orient Express and The Husbands of River Song

-Black Dinner

– Western style tie

– White Shirt

–  Black Trousers

Eleventh Doctor’s original outfit

– Blue navy coat

– Blue Shirt

– Blue Waistcoat

– Black shoots

Victorian Outfits

– Victorian Nightie

– Tramp clothes

– Black suit with tie