The Monk Trilogy

I want to talk about the Monk Trilogy which was a three parter in S10. I will explain the events before and after, talk. about the three parter in 3 separate paragraphs, one for each story, my opinions on the trilogy and what the people think.

The background started when the Doctor was exposed to the vacuum of space for a long time saving his friend Bill who nearly died and ends up blind, he temporarily regains his sight but loses it again. Also, Missy, the Doctor’s arch nemesis is the one in the vault after the Doctor promised to guard her ALIVE (NOT DEAD after tampering with the controls that would have killed her).


The majority of Extremis is set in a simulation of a email the present Doctor receives whilst reminiscing the day he saved Missy for  being executed.

These are the events of the simulation:

– The Pope and Cardinal Angelo ask the Doctor and Nardole to ask for their help.

– Bill has a new love interest Penny who runs off after the Poper and the Church interrupt their date.

– Cardinal Angelo leads the team to the Veritas where someone who has read the Veritas ends up scared and sadly dies.

– Bill and Nardole end up in various portals and escape various places who have read the Veritas and Nardole vanishes after figuring they are in a simulation.

– The Doctor reads the Veritas  which the Monks later reclaim before the Doctor snatches back and runs into the Oval Office in the White House.

– The Doctor and Bill reunited and talk about the Veritas until the Monks make Bill disappear.

– The Monks reveal the Doctor will soon disappear from the Simulation but the Doctor springs a surprise on them and sends the simulation to the present Doctor who is ready to act and calls Bill to go on a date with Penny.

Pyramid at the End Of The World

– Bill explains the truth to Penny until the UN interrupt and ask for the President Of the World which is the Doctor.

– They arrive in Turmezistan where the Monks live and discover they will protect the Pyramid.

– The trio and US troops join forces with the Chinese and Russian troops and visit the Pyramid where the Monks  they will save the world from the threat but will rule if someone gives them consent.

– The UN President and the 3 leaders lose their lives when giving consent leaving Bill on her own whilst the Doctor and Nardole visit Erika who’s fellow worker has caused the thing that kill the world as he didn’t have protection and dies.

– Erika and The Doctor save the world whilst whilst Nardole falls ill and collapses but the Doctor is forced to reveal that he is blind to Bill after he is trapped and Bill makes the worst mistake and gives the World to the Monks to give the Doctor his sight back.

The Lie Of The Land

– The Monks hold the Doctor for their broadcasts.

– Bill imagines her mum is there

– Nardole turns up and get hit by Bill multiple times.

– Bill and Nardole attempt to rescue the Doctor who has joined Monks and Bill shoots him and he attended to regenerate but is revealed to be ruse as the Doctor never joined th bad side as he has been planning to defeat the Monks.

– Missy gives them information about how to defeat the Monks and it’s not a good resolution.

– The Team infiltrate the Monks headquarters where the Doctor attempts to put his thoughts but is unsuccessful and delete protest, Bill who started the incident take his place and is successful and survives.

– The Doctor explains why he puts up with humans to Bill.

– Missy has a emotional breakdown on all the people she killed and the Doctor assures her guilt is a good thing.

After the Trilogy, we continue to see Missy turning good but the finale change things and all this leads to the Doctor’ regeneration.

I like the first part and it starts strongly and the Doctor being blind is written very well. The secod part has good character like the amazing Erica but the cliffhanger starts to bring down Bill and the final part doesn’t help either and I love Bill but the lack of teamwork, mistakes and bad language doesn’t make me side with her. Similar situation to Father’s Day with Rose Tyler and I struggle with this too but I will explain when I review the episode. Twelve make a minor slip up here but finishes strongly along with Bill. Missy is used perfectly and Nardole is used much better than the first 1/3 of S10 so it’s progress.

I asked fans on social media for their opinions on the Monk Trilogy and here are a few of them:


Extremis does have some great dark bits with a good story and I feel the vault reveal is pretty good. However the episode feels a waste when it we know its a simulation 

Pyramid is fantastic, great action and I really loved the lab scenes.


The Lie of the Land is my favourite out of the Monk Trilogy because I love the fake regeneration he does and Pearl’s acting is amazing in that scene I give The Lie of the Land 10\10.


There was two scenes I liked from the 3 parters was the fake regeneration and Bill’s Mum.

Fake regeneration because it was unexpected and I thought he was going to turn into Jodie Whittaker and Bill’s Mum because that made me emotional and they were two great scenes

Thanks for reading this blog and thank you to the 3 fans who gave me permission to use their quotes.