Tenth Doctor vs Harriet Jones Debate (Sycorax Aftermath)

In The 2005 Christmas Special, the human races were under threat from the Sycorax, the Tenth incarnation recovered from his regeneration to defeat the Sycorax Leader but Prime Minister Harriet Jones did something that would lead to her downfall as Prime Minister.

Order Of Events

– The Doctor and Rose Tyler crash landed the TARDIS into Rose’s home and the Doctor collapses  and rested at Rose’s flat.

– Rose and Mickey attacks by Ronot Santa’s and escape to the flats where they along with Jackie were attacked by Christmas Tree but the Doctor wake up for a short time to destroy the tree and see the Robots called Pilot Fish get transported away and warns the trio that something is coming before collapsing again.

– Civilian David Llewelyn attempts to make contact but loses the transmitter Guinevere One which on live T  shows aliens called the Sycorax (Not Martians)

– Llewelyn meets Harriet Jones the Prime Minster, Alex, Major Blake and Sally whilst Mickey investigates and hacks into the government and find s the spaceship UNIT is also tracking and the Sycorax make a Live Transmission in their native language as the TARDIS translation isn’t  working with the Doctor unconscious. Alex is able to translate as “Surrender or they will die”  is later revealed when Harriet sends a message back to the Sycorax saying they will not surrender and controls the A Positives including Sally to the roof, ready to jump

– Harriet attempts to contact the Doctor on live TV but Rose breaks down as she thinks he is dead  (Don’t cry my friend, he is still recovering) but is interrupted by the windows shattering to pieces as the Sycorax enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

– Harriet, Llewelyn, Major Blake and Alex are teleported to the ship where the Sycorax Leader unmasks and kills Llewelyn and Major Blake and threatens to send the people to their deaths by jumping off and then teleported the TARDIS with Rose, Mickey and the Doctor inside intended o hide as they didn’t have a plan, leaving Jackie Tyler behind and once they leave, they are dragged away by the Sycorax to join the others.

– Rose attempts to stand up but is unsuccessful. All is lost until the Sycorax start speaking English and Rose realises that if it’s working, it mean the Doctor is awake and revealed himself and fights off the weapon that the killed Major Blake and Llewelyn. He ask how he looks then begins to deal with the Sycorax.

– The Doctor foolishly presses the red button but it’s revealed that the controlled humans move one step to the edge then they step out of their trances and the Sycorax has no intent of killing them.

– The Doctor and the Sycorax leader fight for the planet and despite losing his hand, it grows back  due to him still being 24 hours into his new body and wins the duel as the Sycorax Leader surrenders but attempts it attack the Doctor but the Doctor uses his satsuma to press a red button which sends the Sycorax leader to his death and address the Sycorax with “It is defended!” The 5 and the TARDIS return back to Earth near Rose’s flat.

– Harriet and the Doctor talk as Jackie is relieved and surprised the Doctor is awake.

– Torchwood are ready and Harriet gives the order to fire and destroy the Sycorax ship. The Doctor turns on her and she maintains is was for defence. The Doctor warns her not to go against him and will bring her down and says “Don’t you think she looks tired?” to Alex and Harriet shouts to the Doctor as he walks away.

There is a consequence of the Doctor’s actions as it leads to Harold Saxon becoming Prime Minster Who is later revealed to be the Doctor’s arch nemesis the Master who takes over the World for a year but is defeated by Martha Jones and it’s unknown who is Prime Minister after that. Harriet continued defending the world and used the Mr Copper Foundation to create the Subwave Network which she used in the 2009 Dalek Invasion to contact the Doctor’s friends at the cost of her life but was successful in getting the Doctor to Earth. The Doctor was shocked at her sacrifice meaning he might have forgiven Harriet for her actions. A poem book Now we are six hundred, indicates Harriet survives her encounter and Phil Collinson never intended to stay dead.

This is my take on the situation:

Both Harriet and the Doctor are both to blame here.

Harriet should have thought more as they were better solutions and UNIT would never do that under the Brigadier’s reign. The Doctor did the right thing on the ship but bringing down Harriet as Prime Minister wasn’t the best solution he could have done.

The Doctor is a good guy but arguing with the PM was a bad example which kind of happens in Tooth and Claw when he and Rose are exiled cause of their actions which didn’t work for me and lead to the Torchwood Institute (Torchwood One) treating him as a enemy but when they are destroyed on the Battle Of Canary Wharf and later Captain Jack was in charge Torchwood Three, his Torchwood was focused on making the Doctor proud as he knew the Doctor more than the original Institute and loved him enough not to imprison him even going against the government. Back to 10, he has had some better moments but I can totally understand his pain as he cares about other lives which Harriet didn’t.

I am glad they did this as it’s fun to debate and it’s entertaining and causes consequences and I can side with both parties.