Series 12 Filming Updates – Block 1 & 2

Doctor Who is back in Early 2020 with Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill are back as Team TARDIS for a second series. As you know, teams that last for more than one series have to do better than their first series and Ponds and Whouffaldi were successful so I think they will do just as well. It might be a wait but despite the crew being hush hush, we will often get some filming to discuss and this blog will be explain the recent filming. I will be discussing each filming block which consists of 2 episodes direct by one Director. I will start with the first two blocks:

 Block 1 (Currently episodes 1 & 5)

Currently, Block 1 consisted of Episode 1 and unknown episodes number

Stephen Fry has been seen in set for the spy themed episode 1 in Swansea on the 8th and 9th Of February where he were seen at the Guildhall with Team TARDIS.

Also on the 10th of February in Cardiff, they filmed a car chase on Cardiff Bay Link Road.

Bradley Walsh was seen on filming 28th February at Cardiff Vale College

This photo is from @dylansart99

In January, Team TARDIS and crew spent 15 days in South Africa and the BBC confirmed filming had begun.

Block 2 (Currently episodes 2 & 3)

Block 2 is currently lined up a episodes 2 and 3. Originally was Episodes 3 and 4.

One episode is set in Sheffield as Mandip Gill has been seen at Cardiff College which is where they film the Sheffield Hallam Police Station Scenes so this means Yaz will have scenes at the police station.

Also in the same episode (PRESUMABLY), they were filming for a few days in Tenerife but all regulars except Mandip were seen on set on the 5th April so that could match. Bradley was see on his own 26th March at Porthkerry Country Park

Presumably in a different episode, Mandip, Bradley and Tosin were seen filming in Barry on the 14th (Bradley in his own) and 15th (All 3 companions)were seen in suits with phones and a coat resembling Jodie’s. Bradley was seen in the same outfit on the 14th and 28th March (St Athens).

Jodie has been seen on her own in a suit and has been confirmed by a unnamed person. One of the sightings was on the 19th March. No one saw the full costume  it bayou could see a new coat and one photo saw  a white shape that looked like a collar indicating the rumours might be true

This photo is from @theimpossibletimeboy but photograph taken by @aaronlowephoto


I will be back with Block 3 in the upcoming weeks!