A important leaf saves the world – The Rings Of Akhaten Review

The Rings Of Akhaten is Clara Oswald’s first adventures in the TARDIS and is a emotional one.

After a visit into Clara’s backstory, Clara decides to join the Doctor and decides to see something awesome and they visit the Rings of Akhaten and help Queen Of Year’s escape the Old God After she messes up the lyrics but she is able to sing again whilst the Doctor gives his memories but it isn’t enough however Clara gives up her “Page One” leaf that brought her mum and dad together and it’s enough to defeat the parasite. The locals give Clara her mother’s ring she gave up to buy the Moped that would get them to the God’s Pyramid as a thank you for helping them. Clara and the Doctor start to get suspicious of each other.

The backstory of Clara is written beautifully and I can totally understand and be moved as it can be incorporated into the adventure. The leaf is very important in this episode ever since it first appears at the beginning of the story and it works well in the climax of the episode. It’s emotional and that is a good sign as the emotional stuff has been a issue in S7 with the whining from Amy and that hasn’t been great so I am happy it’s improved.

I love the culture stuff about Akhaten being included in the episode like the currency being something valuable and Clara trying the exotic fruit and choral music as it fits in the story. I love the alien design in this story and they re use the Shades from Mission 2110 which is a good thing.

Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman bring up the chemistry straight away and they both put on strong performances and bing the emotions in a good way but their speeches were amazing as it’s c when a new team come in and I end up being dissatisfied but this along with The Ghost Monument in S11 are at a great standard with the new teams. Matt and Jenna start to save S7 for me.

The episode grew on me and now I understand and respect and feel what the episode is about. Cast are great and being the story to life.

Score: 10/10