Leigh’s Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 80th to 71st

Rankings continue as I count up from 80th to 71st in this next group.

80th: The Wedding Of River Song 8/10

The one of the weakest revival finales. I don’t like the lack of trust as it just felt unfair for the Ponds and starts to damage my love for them. Amy definitely proved herself with her tireless side and the Doctor and River love for each other and they marry which is a highlight of S6 for me.

79th: The Sound Of Drums 8/10 and The Last Of The Time Lords 9/10

I love what the tried to do and it worked. Freema Agyeman was at her best in this episode. The whinginess the flaw that ruins 10 for me. Joneses used better this time. This is the only episode that John Simm is amazing for me but Michelle Gomez overshadows him in later years. Near perfect episode.

78th: Into a Dalek 8/10

It deserves more love than it does. Some bits don’t impress me but the argument makes me mad as I love 12 and Clara and it’s not great for me to criticise a era I love.

77th: The Beast Below 8/10

It might grow on me. I think it’s  a good story that has a good plot and tests the friendship of 11 and Amy.

76th: Silence In The Library 9/10 and Forest of the Dead 9/10

River Song debuts in this episode with all actors doing a great job despite some characters having bad moments but redeeming themselves late on Eve Newton playing Charlotte Abigail Lux (CAL) was great with a emotional performances in the second part. River is a favourite of mine and she does annoy me but there are some great moments and future plot points like the Singing Towers Of Darillium.

75th: The Pilot 9/10

It wa ok but it felt that they should have introduce to a new audience but we didn’t know Peter Capaldi was leaving. Bill was ok but I didn’t like Nardole’s attitude but it worked. The Heather plot for me was mixed as I respect and understand the story, I didn’t like what they did but it was a good story.

74th: The Angels Take Manhattan 9/10

Nea perfect story, I felt Rory’s story needed well but with Amy, her story ends full circle but her attitude and whinging let her sit down as I felt she was better than what she got. Angels were used well.

73rd: 42 9/10

Chris Chibnall began his Doctor Who writing career in 2007 with a near perfect episode. Martha starts to shine but it’s late into her one series run. Monsters are well used and scary. Saxon subplot is good but it ruins the story at the end.

72nd: Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS

I love this adventure themed episode with a risk. The Doctor is a bit harsh towards Clara and that is the only thing that let’s the episode down but it’s quickly able to redeem himself even though it’s not perfect. Clara is well used.

71st: The Hungry Earth 9/10 and Cold Blood 9/10

It’s a near perfect two part and loads of danger. Alaya/Restac are good villains but can be too annoying. Rory’s exit is good but Amy whining is a big issue (WHY DOES AMY HAVE TO WHINE?” Great guest cast and amazing show.